Intro to firebase for the web 2017: Firebase Hosting

F95fe2cd54f59ca0453914b9f2ae7233?s=47 Kelvin Gobo
September 30, 2017

Intro to firebase for the web 2017: Firebase Hosting

A brief introduction to hosting your website or web app on firebase


Kelvin Gobo

September 30, 2017


  1. Firebase Hosting Kelvin Gobo @kelvingobo

  2. Key capabilities Served over secured connection Fast content delivery Rapid

    deployment One-click rollbacks
  3. Served over secured connection Ensures your content is always delivered

    securely Zero-configuration SSL built-in
  4. Fast content delivery Each file is cached on CDN edges

    around the world
  5. Rapid Deployment Get your app up and running in seconds

    Deploy only specific parts of your app
  6. One-click rollbacks Quick deployments are great! Being able to rollback

    to a previous version is even better Each deploy made is a version
  7. So how can I host my website on firebase?

  8. You will need: Npm which comes with Node.js -

    Firebase Command Line Interface(CLI) - npm - g install firebase-tools Login to firebase - firebase login Setup your project to deploy - firebase init Run command to deploy - firebase deploy
  9. In summary: - Content served on a secure connection -

    Fast Delivery - Rapid Deployment - One-click rollbacks - How to host your site on firebase Firebase Hosting
  10. Thanks! Kelvin Gobo @kelvingobo