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An introduction to Open Source development

An introduction to Open Source development

The slides of my Open Source talk 2013 Android Developer Days in Ankara as well as the GDG DevFest Berlin 2013.


Benjamin Weiss

June 14, 2013

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  1. an introduction Open Source development

  2. Benjamin Weiss http://gplus.to/keyboardsurfer Twitter: @keyboardsurfer Senior Software Developer at ImmobilienScout24

    Organizer: GDG Android in Berlin Co-Organizer: • Global Android Dev Camp • GTUG Community Weekend • Google I/O Extended Berlin 2012
  3. Agenda • Open Source is... • The way to success

    • Getting started
  4. Open Source is...

  5. About choice

  6. Freedom

  7. Chaotic

  8. Diverse

  9. Android is...

  10. The way to success

  11. The two rules to success 1. Don't tell everything you

    know 2. ...
  12. The way to success • Use an Open Source license

    • Stick to standards • And enhance them • Make examples • Don't force it
  13. Use an Open Source license Apache License V2 Think twice

    before using a viral license
  14. Use an Open Source license Viral • GPL Non-viral •

    Apache V2 • MIT • BSD • LGPL • Mozilla Public http://opensource. org/licenses
  15. Stick to standards pom.xml

  16. Stick to standards build.gradle

  17. Stick to standards git tag

  18. Stick to standards

  19. Stick to standards //TODO formatting

  20. Stick to standards repo.maven.org

  21. Stick to standards

  22. Stick to standards Toast.makeText(Context, CharSequence, int); Crouton.makeText(Activity, CharSequence, Style);

  23. And enhance them crouton = Crouton.makeText(Activity, CharSequence, Style); crouton.show(); Crouton.show(Activity,

    CharSequence, Style); Crouton.show(Activity, CharSequence, Style, ViewGroup);
  24. Make examples

  25. Make examples

  26. Keep it consistent Nobody likes API changes

  27. Don't force it Coding is like farting: If you force

    it'll be s***. - origin unknown
  28. Embrace change Pull requests are awesome

  29. Getting started Take a look around

  30. Take a look around https://github.com/search?q=android

  31. Take a look around ~ 60,000 repositories

  32. It's about cycles Release early, release often

  33. Image Sources Features (http://goo.gl/6fyUS) Whirlpool Galaxy (http://goo.gl/8D1iV) Android with Rose

    (http://goo.gl/pgJGO) Color codes (http://goo.gl/EAD03) Android robot (http://goo.gl/a9vMw) Toast (http://goo.gl/fc7kX) Crouton (http://goo.gl/ULh9F) Linktocat (http://goo.gl/OI6VI) Droidtocat (http://goo.gl/IY0Ja)
  34. Questions Benjamin Weiss http://gplus.to/keyboardsurfer @keyboardsurfer