Breaking news and Curation with Social Media?

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August 26, 2013

Breaking news and Curation with Social Media?

How can journalists use social media curation during breaking news?



August 26, 2013


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  2. What’s your plan? Make your plan BEFORE the news breaks!

    Who in your newsroom will do what? Do you know your policy on breaking news? Use Twitter lists for curation
  3. What’s already out there? Search networks before you say anything

    Are you really breaking the news?
  4. Tip, not confirmation “We treat social media networks the same

    way we treat wire services, police reports, and any other form of news-gathering resource… We use (these tips) to inform our coverage.” - Ryan Broderick, Buzzfeed
  5. Verify, verify, verify Ask the source Consider the source What

    are others saying? What are officials saying? Check your photos Attribute even if you’re positive If you’re unsure, WAIT and/or ASK (we are journalists, aren’t we?)
  6. Add to the conversation Photos What do you see? Official

    statements Quotes Who is following up? What is the next step? What is the reaction? What are people saying? (Be careful of rumors, and clearly label them as such)
  7. A picture is worth... Photos are more shared than any

    other content on Facebook They’re also the only kind that can be edited after publishing.
  8. Getting it right is always more important than getting it

    first. Always.
  9. It’s all a dinner party Bad dinner party guests: ◦

    claim stories that aren’t theirs ◦ talk about themselves too much Good dinner party guests: ◦ facilitate conversation ◦ add context and depth
  10. The tools

  11. Rebel Mouse

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  15. Use tools because they fit the story. Not because they’

    re shiny.
  16. When news breaks, social media can be your ticket to

    a better story and a better relationship with your audience. More than a megaphone
  17. Kim Bui (@kimbui) Kelly Fincham (@kellyfincham) Questions?