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API tuo lisää rahaa, myyntiä ja tehokkuutta

API tuo lisää rahaa, myyntiä ja tehokkuutta

Esitetty CrazyTown Tampere aamukahvitilaisuudessa

Jarkko Moilanen, PhD

November 02, 2018

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  1. Jarkko Moilanen (PhD), Author of API Economy book [email protected] @kyyberi

    +358 40 535 9066 tuo lisää rahaa, myyntiä ja tehokkuutta API
  2. Jarkko Moilanen, APItalisti.fi @kyyberi “What API Economy? Sounds like total

    Hardcore API developer and app wizard Viljami Kuosmanen “
  3. Jarkko Moilanen, APItalisti.fi @kyyberi We tend to overestimate the effect

    of a technology in the short run and underestimate the effect in the long run. Roy Amara Developers first - business follows Developers Most business people
  4. Jarkko Moilanen, APItalisti.fi @kyyberi 2002 Jeff Bezos, “API Mandate” “All

    teams will henceforth expose their data and functionality through service interfaces. Anyone who doesn’t do this will be fired.”
  5. Jarkko Moilanen, APItalisti.fi @kyyberi API Economy definition Company utilizes digital

    resources efficiently and quickly to create added value for own customers. Considering application developers as primary customers Building blocks utilized are own APIs and open APIs provided by other organizations (free or commercial) Source: Moilanen Jarkko et al, 2018, API-talous 101, Alma Talent 1 2 3
  6. Jarkko Moilanen, APItalisti.fi @kyyberi Business drivers 56% use APIs to

    drive more business with partners 39% to offer better customer experience - multichannel
  7. Jarkko Moilanen, APItalisti.fi @kyyberi App - API - integration INTEGRATION

    Low level specific integrations or internal APIs No interest to let even partners access this far. Integration platform APP Tablet APP APP Tablet APP API Public Partner GET /products POST /order API Public Partner GET /products POST /order Tablet APP ERP, sales management, warehouse system, logistics system/provider Enduser applications and services developed internally or by 3rd parties Web app AR VR AI
  8. Jarkko Moilanen, APItalisti.fi @kyyberi Open data interface Internal and private

    APIs Open API Public API Partner API Yes Yes No No Yes Yes Yes No Yes Maybe Maybe No Yes Maybe No No Available for anyone to register? Public support available for adopting API? Pay for usage? Open license for data? Marjukka Niinioja & Jarkko Moilanen, API-talous 101 (2018) Let’s play API darts!
  9. Jarkko Moilanen, APItalisti.fi @kyyberi Hidden under the surface Public APIs

    (30 000) Partner APIs (“300 000”) Private APIs (millions) As API provider, treat them all alike - security - documentation - onboarding - support - tools Programmable Web 24.10.2018 20360 APIs
  10. Jarkko Moilanen, APItalisti.fi @kyyberi Pacman index - Revenue through APIs

    Revenue with platform driven APIs 80% 60% 90% Mostly partner API driven
  11. Jarkko Moilanen, APItalisti.fi @kyyberi 1 million+ customers who create 5.1

    billion revenue. Operated with APIs Revenue with platform driven APIs Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a subsidiary of Amazon.com that provides on-demand cloud computing platforms to individuals, companies and governments, on a paid subscription basis.
  12. Jarkko Moilanen, APItalisti.fi @kyyberi 40 000+ customers create 400 million

    revenue with 5+ APIs Revenue with plain APIs Twilio allows software developers to programmatically make and receive phone calls, send and receive text messages, and perform other communication functions using its web service APIs. Est. 2008
  13. Jarkko Moilanen, APItalisti.fi @kyyberi 100 000 customers, handles 100 billion

    worth transactions, creates 1,5 billion revenue with 1 API Revenue with plain APIs Stripe allows individuals and businesses to receive payments over the Internet. Stripe provides the technical, fraud prevention, and banking infrastructure required to operate on-line payment systems Est. 2010
  14. Jarkko Moilanen, APItalisti.fi @kyyberi Business around APIs Components, APIs, CLI

    apps API development (APIOps) Automation (DevOps) IaaS/PaaS platforms Community management Marketing, API Catalogs API management, Training APIs (Results) Developer tools Sometimes free & open source with intention to lure in developers API management market size 2016 was 600 millions
  15. Jarkko Moilanen, APItalisti.fi @kyyberi Developers are lazy bastards. Developers love

    tools. There’s never enough tools. Continual peer 2 peer learning is a way of life About developers...
  16. Jarkko Moilanen, APItalisti.fi @kyyberi Firstly, build your API What problem

    it solves? Use Design-First approach, test, documentation, simple Cope with developers...
  17. Jarkko Moilanen, APItalisti.fi @kyyberi Secondly, use cases How is your

    API most used? Through SDKs? As is? How do we make it easy and enjoyable? Cope with developers...
  18. Jarkko Moilanen, APItalisti.fi @kyyberi Thirdly, developers love tools. Provide them

    tools! SDKs, command-line tools, components, scripts, code examples... Cope with developers...
  19. Trends Jarkko Moilanen, APItalisti.fi @kyyberi Design-First approach & Business driven

    Event-Driven APIs - subscribe patterns Demand based APIs - GraphQL Developer eXperience & relations rising