Demystifying Public Speaking

245cee81a9c424266e5e401d844ea881?s=47 Lara Hogan
October 26, 2016

Demystifying Public Speaking

In our work, we each have moments of being in a spotlight - whether it's during team standups, giving a presentation to a client, or pitching your promotion to your boss - and yet we all have different fears about those moments.

This talk aims to help you identify your public speaking fears and learn tactics to address them, so you can feel prepared when that spotlight happens.

The book, which has all this content and MUCH more!


Lara Hogan

October 26, 2016


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    1. What do you want to say? 2. Practice and

    get feedback 3. Eat a donut
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    Is this too complex? Does my argument hold? Am I

    speaking too fast? Did I make any sense?
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    “Talks don’t define you; you define you. Talks come and

    go, but every single one will make you a better you.” - Raquel Vélez