Empathy and Web Performance

245cee81a9c424266e5e401d844ea881?s=47 Lara Hogan
February 16, 2017

Empathy and Web Performance

Website performance issues can disproportionately affect low-income households, folks with disabilities, rural and elderly populations. What can we do about it?

Studies from this talk (mostly PDFs):

  • Center for Media Justice: #righttoconnect, Media Action Grassroots Network (2015)
  • Statistics New Zealand: Household Use of Information and Communication Technology (2012)
  • World Internet Project: New Zealand (2015)
  • Center for Media Justice: Cell Phones and the Digital Divide (2014)
  • Technical resources:

  • Using blur to reduce JPEG file size
  • Creating performance videos
  • What Does My Site Cost?
  • All additional resources and links can be found at: designingforperformance.com
  • 245cee81a9c424266e5e401d844ea881?s=128

    Lara Hogan

    February 16, 2017