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La Scuola's Learning Journey to PYP

La Scuola's Learning Journey to PYP

This was presented at La Scuola's Educational Series on IB-PYP on January 22, 2014.

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  1. Laura Munaro IB-PYP Coordinator and K-2 teacher La Scuola Italian

    International School La Scuola’s learning journey into the PYP Laura Munaro - La Scuola©2014
  2. Kindergarten & 1st / 2nd Grade 2013/2014 Wonder is… …the

    beginning of wisdom! Laura Munaro - La Scuola©2014
  3. PYP: Primary Years Programme A"curriculum"Framework" What behaviours do we show?

    Appreciation Confidence Commitment Empathy Independence Respect Cooperation Creativity Curiosity Enthusiasm Integrity Tolerance ATTITUDES What kind of person are we aiming to become? Caring Knowledgeable Open-minded Inquirer Principled Communicator Thinker Reflective Risk-taker/Courageous Balanced What skills will help us to learn? Communication skills Social skills Self-management skills Research skills Thinking skills IB LEARNER PROFILE TRANSDISCIPLINARY SKILLS What will we understand? CONCEPTS What can we learn about? Who we are Where we are in place and time How we organize ourselves How the world works How we express ourselves Sharing the planet TRANSDISCIPLINARY THEMES How will we learn? POI Conceptual understanding Form – What is it like? Function – How does it work? Causation – Why is it the way it is? Change – How is it changing? Connection – How is it connected to other things? Perspective – What are the points of view? Responsibility – What is our responsibility? Reflection – How do we know? Laura Munaro - La Scuola©2014
  4. In the IB-PYP, the school’s curriculum includes all those student

    activities, academic and non-academic, for which the school takes responsibility, since they all have an impact on student learning. Laura Munaro - La Scuola©2014
  5. At the heart of the curriculum is the learner constructing

    meaning Laura Munaro - La Scuola©2014
  6. The POI and the subject scope and sequences are components

    of the curriculum, which when used together, define a coherent curriculum. Laura Munaro - La Scuola©2014
  7. Learning takes place when a range of balanced teaching strategies

    are selected appropriately to meet specific learning needs Laura Munaro - La Scuola©2014
  8. What is inquiry based learning? Inquiry in the broadest sense

    is the process initiated by the learner or the teacher which moves the learner from the current level of understanding to a new and deeper level of understanding. Laura Munaro - La Scuola©2014
  9. Inquiry is the method we use to deliver the curriculum.

    The curriculum is made of different components: Learning outcomes Conceptual understandings Developing skills Assessment Laura Munaro - La Scuola©2014
  10. Inquiry facilitates the process of learning, as it aims to

    engage the students at all levels: Laura Munaro - La Scuola©2014
  11. Transdisciplinary theme: WHO WE ARE An inquiry into the nature

    of the self, beliefs and values, personal, physical, mental, social and spiritual health, human relationships including families, friends, communities, and cultures, rights and responsibilities, what it means to be human. Unit of inquiry, Kindergarten: Me and my senses Laura Munaro - La Scuola©2014
  12. Central idea: The five senses are important tools that help

    us to explore the world We used our senses to experience, make hypothesis, discover, find out… learn new things! Laura Munaro - La Scuola©2014
  13. Unit of inquiry Me and my senses Driving questions: •

    What are the five senses? (form) • How do I use my five senses? (function) • How can my senses help me exploring the world? (connection) Laura Munaro - La Scuola©2014 Lines of Inquiry: •  The five senses (form) •  How do I use my five senses (function) •  I explore the world through the five senses (connection)
  14. In Art we spent time exploring the sense of the

    touch. We explored the form and the function of our hand, our personal characteristics and size… Learning in a trans-disciplinary way means that we develop a concept holistically Artistic Techniques/materials used during the unit : Drawing / Clay Concepts explored: form, function, change What do we need our hands for? How do we feel things? Laura Munaro - La Scuola©2014
  15. In the garden the students used their senses to make

    sense of their world. At some point they were particularly fascinated to discover that snail eyes and tentacles retreat inwards if touched. " " Laura Munaro - La Scuola©2014
  16. ASSESSMENT For the final assessment the kindergarteners had to put

    on the scientists’ hat and do a multi-sensorial experiment. The children used their five senses to discover which powder was sugar and which was salt in experiment 1, and to discover which fruit piece is an apple and which is a pear in experiment 2. Foods that look alike do not always taste the same! Each student recorded on a grid the data gathered using the five senses Laura Munaro - La Scuola©2014
  17. Transdisciplinary theme: HOW WE EXPRESS OURSELVES An inquiry into the

    ways in which we discover and express ideas, feelings, nature, culture, beliefs and values; the ways in which we reflect on, extend and enjoy our creativity; our appreciation of the aesthetic. Unit of inquiry, first and second grade: Celebrations Laura Munaro - La Scuola©2014
  18. Central idea: Celebrations and traditions are expressions of shared beliefs

    and values We learn from each other We share our point of views We promote international mindedness We are curious about the world Laura Munaro - La Scuola©2014
  19. A hands on patchwork sewing project that incorporates - literature

    (Arlecchino), celebration and geometry Laura Munaro - La Scuola©2014
  20. In Art we inquired about the meaning of decorations, as

    an important expression of different celebration Learning in a trans-disciplinary way means that we develop a concept holistically Artistic Techniques/materials used during the unit : Painting / Clay / Plasticine Concepts explored: form, function, change What is the meaning beyond a decoration? What do we want to express? Laura Munaro - La Scuola©2014
  21. In the garden the students started from the observation of

    real marigolds. Laura Munaro - La Scuola©2014
  22. Then they drew them and they colored them using marigold

    petals from the garden." " Laura Munaro - La Scuola©2014
  23. ASSESSMENT For the final assessment the children had to identify

    where celebrations take place around the world. " The pins are colored coded that depict a specific holiday. The children recognize that people around the world share in celebration. Laura Munaro - La Scuola©2014
  24. And what about math? Math helps children make sense of

    the world Laura Munaro - La Scuola©2014
  25. Tell me and I’ll forget, Show me and I’ll remember,

    Involve me and I’ll understand. Chinese Proverb Laura Munaro - La Scuola©2014