Releasing Your Inner Greatness - Part II

Releasing Your Inner Greatness - Part II

You were created for a specific and unique purpose - there is a special mix of gifts and talents in you that need to be shared with the world. So how do we access the greatness within ourselves and call it out from those we’re leading? This session will delve into the specific areas of your life that, when unblocked, will allow the best version of yourself to operate more frequently. You’ll come away with a combination of mindset and action points to put into practice.

Julia Harper is passionate about transforming people and the systems in which they thrive. A lifelong observer of people’s motivations and strengths, Julia activates each person’s gifts and passions to cultivate team symbiosis and productivity. Her heart is to see people connect with their true purpose and form deeply relational communities that sharpen each other’s world. She searches beyond the process and structure, journeying with people to bring their authentic self forward.


Leadership of Awesome

May 23, 2018