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OzCHI Industry keynote

5d79f73bf83f3675bbc6dbbcb3b1ba81?s=47 Donna Spencer
December 06, 2018

OzCHI Industry keynote

In 2006 I gave the industry keynote at OzCHI. I lamented the current state of user-centred design, expressed concern that there weren't enough skilled practitioners and suggested we should be focusing more on design and less on user-centred.Twelve years have passed. UCD is now HCD and design is being sold as the way for businesses to get ahead. Let's look at what's happened between then and now, the current state of the design industry and what might happen next.


Donna Spencer

December 06, 2018

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  1. OzCHI Industry Keynote Donna Spencer

  2. About me • 20 years experience as a designer –

    mostly freelance • Many industries • 3 books, many articles, many presentations • Created UX Australia in 2009 and ran it for 9 years
  3. 2006 I gave the OzCHI industry keynote. “UCD in practice:

    Is it working?”
  4. In 2006 • UCD skills shortage • Most work done

    by consultants • Design by usability testing • Lack of understanding of business
  5. In 2006 • New interactions (Web 2.0!) • User-generated content

    • Start of social media • High-profile, great products with no UCD
  6. We needed to • Stop selling user-centered • Focus on

    design • Understand business and tech better • Collaborate, don’t work solo • No design by testing
  7. And then what happened?

  8. Now we call it HCD

  9. Design (and design thinking) got popular

  10. Design is now almost all in-house

  11. Agile is (theoretically) focused on users

  12. Websites and apps got good The bar got high

  13. www.floraladdress.com The need for design skills has exploded

  14. www.floraladdress.com Supply had to increase

  15. Design is taught as discovery Many designers don’t talk to

    users Methods rule
  16. And here we are

  17. We have a lot of under-skilled designers

  18. Marketing broke the internet

  19. It’s still hard to get academic content

  20. Conferences and meetups are great!

  21. It’s not all bad • Design is becoming accepted in

    business • There is plenty of work • There is interesting work • There is even a work in social good and solving big problems
  22. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯