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User research: Interviews and beyond

Donna Spencer
September 29, 2022

User research: Interviews and beyond

There are many ways to learn about users. The technique we hear most about is interviews, but there are other ways. Join this fast-paced, highly interactive session to experience three other ways to learn about users (and yes, we'll talk about interviews as well).

Donna is an independent design consultant. With 20-ish years experience, she has expertise across the entire design spectrum – from strategy to delivery and everything in between – and loves all of it. She has designed for a wide range of problems across all kinds of industries, with a particular emphasis on information architecture and complex employee experience problems. Recognised internationally as a leading UX practitioner, Donna is a regular conference speaker and has written five UX-related books. She created UX Australia and ran it for 9 years.

Donna Spencer

September 29, 2022

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  1. About me Principal Product Designer at MakerX UX design for

    20+ years Author, seamstress, weaver, cat lady
  2. About user research User research helps you understand your users

    Interviews are the most-used method Today we’ll learn 3 more, as hands-on activities
  3. Task analysis Breaking down a (linear) task to understand it

    in detail Good for understanding goals and how people get there Good for routine and recent tasks Hierarchical task analysis: decomposing a task Cognitive task analysis: understanding decision-making, problem-solving
  4. Task analysis tips Know what you will use it for

    Use that to drive the granularity Analyse with a range of people to note differences
  5. Concept mapping Exploratory method to understand the elements of a

    concept and how they relate to one another Good for understanding how people think of a topic Good for digging into a lot of detail Mind maps are a common method It’s all about understanding the relationships
  6. Concept mapping activity In pairs or small groups, create a

    concept map of… • The network of people who influence your purchasing decisions • Your favourite art/music style (and relationships between artists) • How decisions are made at work • Your choice
  7. Concept mapping tips Very flexible method – explore how you

    might use it Give participants an example so they know what to do
  8. Experience mapping Exploratory method to understand someone’s experience with a

    product or service Broader and over a longer period of time than task analysis Understand goals, emotional reactions Understand touchpoints
  9. Experience mapping activity In pairs or small groups, create an

    experience map of… A recent experience with a product or service