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Where did the IA go

Donna Spencer
December 06, 2020

Where did the IA go

Keynote presentation for the Italian IA Summit, December 2020: https://architecta.it/summit/

Donna Spencer

December 06, 2020

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  1. My IA journey • Started in 1999 • Involved with

    IA Summit/Conference 2004-2020 • Freelance/consultant with IA focus since 2002 • Government, higher education, e-commerce work • 2 books • Card sorting: Designing usable categories • A practical guide to information architecture • I’m still doing IA work!
  2. Roles have changed Usability Information architect User experience designer Service

    designer, product designer Content strategist, content designer
  3. IA now •Structure for content •Categorisation •Navigation •Flow/paths •Language and

    labelling •IA in pattern libraries •Modelling •Project data strategy •Data science
  4. IA in pattern libraries Make sure your pattern library has

    IA guidelines Add meaning to pattern libraries
  5. Data science Enhance algorithms with categorisation Transparency for personalisation and

    recommendations Locate bias in algorithms, and reduce it
  6. Yes we still need IA It just looks different now

    But it’s much more interesting!
  7. Thank you! •You can find me: • @maadonna • maadmob.com.au

    • linkedin.com/in/donna-spencer/ •I still do IA consulting, especially with data science teams •I can work remotely 