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Blockchain @ Azure

Blockchain @ Azure

Blockchains have been widely talked about for several weeks and months now. Depending on whom you ask, Blockchains could disrupt the financial world, insurance market or supply chain management. Microsoft Azure also supports executing blockchains—via third-party solutions such as BlockApps or Azure’s own Blockchain Service: With a few clicks, you can provision complex blockchain networks. Manuel shows you how Azure’s blockchain-as-a-service offer feels and what you can do with it.

Link to more detailed slides (in German):


Manuel Rauber

April 21, 2018


  1. Blockchain @ Azure Manuel Rauber @manuelrauber Consultant

  2. Consultant @ Thinktecture AG ! " @manuelrauber #

    Microsoft MVP The guy who’s talkin’ Manuel Rauber
  3. Blockchain Intro Public vs. private Blockchains Ethereum, Solidity, Smart Contracts

    Azure App Builder Demo Agenda
  4. None
  5. Not today.

  6. • Transparent processes for businesses and customers • Tracking of

    digital and physical goods like branded products or medication • Including IoT data: position of container, … • Audit/revision security • … without a central regulation/server New Use Cases
  7. Disclaimer This is a very basic introduction to have a

    common understanding for the rest of the talk The published slide deck will contain additional information Blockchain Intro
  8. Blockchain Intro Node 1 Node 2 Node 3 Node 4

    Node 5 Node 6 Node 7 Node 8 Node 9
  9. Node 1 Peer-to-Peer replication Genesis Block Block 1 Block 2

    Block 3 Node 2 Genesis Block Block 1 Block 2 Block 3 Node n Genesis Block Block 1 Block 2 Block 3 Block 4 Block 4 Block 4 Block 5 Block 5 Block 5
  10. Genesis Block Config Random Content Genesis Hash Block 1 Genesis

    Hash Content Block 1 Hash Block 2 Block 1 Hash Content Block 2 Hash Block 3 Block 2 Hash Content Block 3 Hash The chain of blocks
  11. Transaction = Statement, which is technically neither changeable nor deletable

    Transactions I, Manuel Rauber, offer John Doe to buy my MacBook Pro for 1000,00 EUR Signed by: M. Rauber I, John Doe, accept Manuel Rauber‘s offer to buy his MacBook Pro for 1000,00 EUR Signed by: J. Doe
  12. Transactions have an explicit ordering within a block Transactions Block

    1 Tx #1 Tx #2 Tx #3 Block 2 Tx #4 Tx #5 Block 3 Tx #6 Tx #7 Tx #8 Block 4 Tx #9 Block 5 Tx #10 ...
  13. • Public Blockchains: Proof of Work • Proof of Work:

    Solve a cryptographically puzzle by investing computational power (e.g. energy) • e.g. Bitcoin: Try to find a hash for a block with a specific amount of leading zeros • Bitcoin needs 61 TWh of energy • Berlin in 2014 needed ~64 TWh of energy • Also called: Mining How is a block created?
  14. Do you really want Proof of Work for a B2B

    Blockchain? NO
  15. Two different models Public blockchains Ethereum, Bitcoin, ... Private Blockchains

    Firm E Firm C Firm A Firm F Firm G Firm B Firm D Regulator Firm X Consortiums, Governments, ... ? ! Firm X
  16. • Open-source, public, distributed computing platform • BC started ~

    2,5 years ago, ~5.5M blocks • Cryptocurrency: Ether • Different clients, e.g. Geth (golang) or Parity (Rust) • Features a turing-complete virtual machine for Smart Contract execution Ethereum
  17. • Define rules which define the validity of transactions •

    Read and write the “world state” • Actual state of all data within the Blockchain • Can be built by the Blocks (used as a transaction log) Smart Contracts (SC)
  18. • Smart Contracts are part of the Blockchain • Will

    be deployed via a transaction • Written in Solidity • Possibility to deactivate/self-destruct a deployed SC • Remix: IDE for writing and debugging Smart Contracts written in Solidity • Future: Execution of Ethereum flavored WebAssembly (eWASM) Smart Contracts in Ethereum
  19. • Current state: private, confidential, PoC • Microsoft’s approach to

    ease the usage of permissioned (private) Blockchains • Toolings for business people and developers • Ethereum as base blockchain technology • Hyperledger Fabric is planned as an alternative • Uses Proof of Work Mining è will be changed in the future Azure Blockchain App Builder
  20. • Integrates deeply into other Azure Services • App Services

    for Dashboards, Admin & Smart Contract UI • Active Directory for Group, User and Permission handling • SQL Database for additional data mapping • e.g. user <-> Smart Contract Permission mapping • VM Scale Sets to easily extend to multiple nodes Azure Blockchain App Builder
  21. • Possibility to extends the chain Off-Azure • Requires understanding

    of Ethereum • Manual process, no clicky clicky UI or CLI tools • Additional Azure Services like Azure VPN are needed • Alternatives: IBM Blockchain Service, SAP Leonardo Azure Blockchain App Builder
  22. Demo Time

  23. • Observe – Ignore the hype • Try it! –

    With or without Azure, it’s not magic • Prepare – Think of new Use Cases • Slides: • Contact: @manuelrauber, And… now?