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DDDBE Modellathon 2013

Mathias Verraes
September 03, 2013

DDDBE Modellathon 2013

Belgian Domain Driven Design Community
Ghent, Belgium, September 3, 2013

"It's like a hackathon, but we build models"

Mathias Verraes

September 03, 2013

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  1. #CQRSBeers Ὃ #IDDD Ὃ #DDDX Ὃ #DDDBE A History in

    Hashtags Ghent Leuven London Ghent
  2. Build multiple models, using multiple techniques. How to increase our

    chances of building a useful model in one night?
  3. Stijn and Mathias will play the role of domain experts.

    Statements made by the domain experts may be subject to change, vagueness, conflicting views, or plain wrongness. As in real life. Due to limited availability, you may have to make up some parts yourself, and validate them later. As in real life.
  4. One Man, One Marker Use the space Avoid Analysis Paralysis

    Visualize disagreements Model Storming Rules