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Is your thinking L-shaped

651834bbe3dcf7a6050df1db5d454475?s=47 Kevin Mears
November 19, 2012

Is your thinking L-shaped

A presentation I gave in Cardiff at Handheld 2012. All about how we are reacting to mobile here at the university of glamorgan


Kevin Mears

November 19, 2012


  1. Is your thinking L-shaped? Kevin Mears Handheld 2012

  2. Me

  3. At the crayon end of the spectrum.

  4. Used to have one of these,

  5. which meant you needed this.

  6. Now you don’t.

  7. But we still use these.

  8. Why does this matter?

  9. Awkward – makes work less enjoyable.

  10. We need to respond to changes.

  11. Anyone heard of the transparent gif shim technique?

  12. or tables for layout?

  13. Heresy now, for but Flash was great.

  14. Flash site of the day was a big deal.

  15. Until Zeldman and others pointed out the problems.

  16. Whilst people pushed the boundaries,

  17. The hardware evolved steadily,

  18. Until in 2007, the iPhone arrived.

  19. So, what are the capabilities of these new devices?

  20. Is it practical to design for all of these breakpoints?

  21. Making assumptions is tricky?

  22. We can’t squeeze it all in.

  23. I think it’s the law that all university web people

    have to use this slide.
  24. Why don’t we look at a University site?

  25. Perhaps this one?

  26. How does a homepage reflect the organisation?

  27. ‘Moses said’ is a powerful force.

  28. In commercial world money is strong constraint,

  29. in education, politics is an additional one.

  30. Designers and developers can’t just be artists.

  31. Selling the work has to be part of it. (Read

    ‘Design is a Job’)
  32. It’s a good thing we can’t pour it all in.

  33. Applying ‘app’ thinking might help.

  34. Our audiences are wanting more services via web and mobile.

  35. Like the rest of their lives.

  36. People are coming into our sites from social media,

  37. and mobile apps.

  38. So we needed to react quickly.

  39. Our main site has about 100 people viewing most of

    the time.
  40. We have 100+ sites,

  41. and 100+ editors.

  42. Hard to focus on a site that keeps growing.

  43. With 2 front end devs to look after CSS and

  44. Our role is to provide a platform for internal audience,

  45. and the external audience,

  46. So the tanker takes a while to turn.

  47. We’ve used various frameworks over the years, and have now

    settled on Twitter Bootstrap.
  48. Hoping to make it easier for our content people,

  49. And free us up to make it less Bootstrapish.

  50. We are aware that frameworks are not ideal for content.

  51. Realistically, we are still wrestling with what we have.

  52. Mobile is making us rethink lots.

  53. We have to embrace the ‘responsive’ desk.

  54. Which might be like this,

  55. or this.

  56. Thank you.

  57. dl.dropbox.com/u/633714/FOWD_London_11.pdf www.abookapart.com/products/design-is-a-job monstersuniversity.com/edu/ xkcd.com/773/ www.glam.ac.uk cci.glam.ac.uk/planets