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Design for Sensors, Not Screens - Dallas Digital Summit 20015

Design for Sensors, Not Screens - Dallas Digital Summit 20015

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  1. FRICTIONLESS MAGIC Design for Sensors, not Screens @merhl Joe Johnston

    VP, Experience Innovation
  2. 2014
 Year of the Customer “

  3. Mobile First Strategy

  4. Context First Strategy

  5. 2016
 Year of the Experience “

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  7. A Friction-Free Experience

  8. The Goldilocks Principle Just Right Satisfaction

  9. You make people happier not by giving them more options

    but by stripping away as many as you can. “
  10. The average smartphone user checks her phone 221 times a

    day. TECMARK, OCTOBER 2014. Time spent on mobile devices is at an average of 3hrs 16m day.
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  12. The Invisible Interface

  13. My BMW remote app unlocks car doors, starts the AC

    , and more! “
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  15. 13

  16. Avoiding a digital interface means you don’t waste time using

    a screen you don't need to be using anyway.
  17. 40% of adult smartphone owners use voice search to ask

    for directions, 39% to dictate a text message, 32% to make a phone call, 23% while they are cooking. 0 50 23% 32% 39% 40% GOOGLE MOBILE VOICE STUDY, OCTOBER 2014
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  19. This is particularly true of context-aware technology. No matter how

    often we say we’re creeped out by technology, we tend to acclimate quickly if it delivers what we want before we want it.
  20. Instant Gratification Economy

  21. Taxi services like Uber, Amazon’s Prime One-Click Ordering, Instant delivery

    services like WunWun, DoorDash and Path Talk Messaging
  22. Focus on Time to satisfaction Take a look at Amazon’s

    Anticipatory shipping patent — a system of delivering products to customers before they place an order, basically its smart purchasing. This type of complex predictive analytics is all targeted at time to satisfaction for the customer.
  23. The Employee Experience

  24. If you create a great Employee Experience then you will

    inherently have a great Customer Experience. “
  25. The MagicBands and MyMagicPlus allow employees to “move past transactions,

    into an interactive space, where they can personalize the experience”
  26. Wearables

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  32. 46% of Apple Watch users have used their nose as

    an “input” device.
  33. 86% of Apple Watch owners wear it Daily.

  34. 60 to 80 Times a Day

  35. 3.8 seconds

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  38. IoT & Beacons

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  41. “Golden State Warriors saw a 69% increase in seat upgrade

    revenue via the app after installing their proximity marketing solution”
  42. Anticipatory Design

  43. The ability to capture large sets of realtime data and

    predictively start serving up the best intended experience.
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  46. Key Take Aways:
 ‣ We tend to acclimate quickly if

    the experience delivers what we want before we want it. ‣ Focus on Time to Satisfaction for the Customer. ‣ A great Employee Experience means a great Customer Experience. ‣ Predictively & Intelligently serve up the best intended experience based on “Anticipatory” Design
  47. A Friction-Free Experience

  48. Thank you. @merhl joe.johnston@universalmind.com