Turf conditions & optimal efficiency

C62291821dac0dd5b7ef3b72a30cd137?s=47 Micah Woods
February 14, 2018

Turf conditions & optimal efficiency

These are the slides for my half day pre-conference seminar at the Western Canada Turfgrass Association conference. Just doing the work -- fertilizing, topdressing, irrigation, mowing, pest control -- doesn't guarantee that one will get the desired turf surfaces. In fact, one will sometimes notice that the areas receiving the most maintenance actually have the worst turf! That's unfortunate. In this presentation, I explain some portions of what I call the "Grammar of Greenkeeping." This is a way to think of the work done to the turf in terms of what the objectives actually are -- producing a good surface and doing so with the least possible amount of work. When this grammar is implemented, one can either improve results with the same amount of work, which gives improved conditions and improved efficiency. Or, one can get the same results with less work, which is improved efficiency.


Micah Woods

February 14, 2018