Shu-Ha-Ri : Lessons learnt from building 6 companies and 101 clients

Shu-Ha-Ri : Lessons learnt from building 6 companies and 101 clients

Presented on 14th April 2016 at CHIuXid 2016 (

Shu-Ha-Ri is a way of thinking about how you learn a technique. (

Shu: In the beginning stage ...

Over the course of 16 years since 1999, Michael has built 6 companies : 3 service companies and 3 product companies. He has also had the fortunate opportunity to work with 101 clients across a number of industries and teams.

Ha: At this point the student begins to branch out ...

He will share his continuous journey from an early tech background and transition towards user research / design and product management. If there is time he might even share the year he spent taking online spaceships very seriously.

Ri: Now the student isn't learning from other people, but from his own practice.

Michael applies all the lessons learnt along the way to help shape The Collab Folks which was founded to coach and mentor startups and growing SMEs across Product Management, User Experience and Agility.

As he believes cycling is a great way to tell stories, he also co-founded - Ride Your Story : a community for cyclists from all over the world to share stories about their rides and connect cyclists to new experiences. He has lost count of the number of times he talks about cycling in meetings and how often it connects back to his work.


Michael Ong

April 14, 2016