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Apps to extend E-Commerce to M-Commerce

Michael Ong
September 02, 2011

Apps to extend E-Commerce to M-Commerce

Presented at Apps World Asia on 2nd September 2011
Overview of iProperty's mobile strategy and initial steps towards a mobile first company

Michael Ong

September 02, 2011

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  1. Apps  to  extend  E-­‐Commerce  to  M-­‐Commerce   Apps  World  Asia

     -­‐  Singapore,  September  2011     Glenn  Thompson,  Country  Manager,  Singapore   Michael  Ong,  Project  Manager,  Singapore  (@michaelon9)  
  2. About  the  iProperty  Group   ASX   Listed   (ASX:IPP)

      Mcap  A $180m Exposure  to  over  2.75  million  property  hunters  and   investors  accross  Indonesia,  Malaysia,  Singapore,  Hong   Kong,  India  and  the  Philippines  
  3. The  iProperty  Group  is  number  1  in  all  its  markets

      Malaysia Singapore Hong  Kong Indonesia Investments  in  India  &  Philippines
  4. Considerable  traffic  growth   UNIQUE  VISITORS  –  THE  TRUE  

    MEASURE  ACROSS  THE  WORLD Unique traffic - June 2008 until June 2011
  5. With  country-­‐specific  plans   Nokia 47.8%   40.3%   23.3%

      Apple 1.5%   5.3%   28.5%   RIM 36.2%   21.4%   11.7%   HTC 4.5%   6.6%   12.2%   Samsung 2.4%   16.3%   12.1%   Sony Ericsson 4.3%   6.2%   9.6%   LG 0.4%   0.9%   1.2%   Country total (million units) 1.1   0.9   0.8   Top  vendor   Second  vendor   Source:  Smartphone  market  shares,  Canalys  esYmates,  Smart  Phone  Analysis,  January  2011,  © Canalys
  6. Our  Guiding  Principles  –  Mobile  Development   •   First  to

     market   Innovate   •  Deliver  the  industry   benchmark   Lead   •  Deep  understanding  of  user   requirements   Listen   •  Build  link  from  engagement   to  advocacy   Engage  
  7. iPhone  –  first  in   Malaysia  (April  ‘10)   Over

     66,000   downloads  to  date   iPad    –  first  in   Malaysia   (September  ‘10)   Over  15,000   downloads  to  date   Android  –  first  in   South  East  Asia   (May  ‘11)   Already  over  4,800   downloads   And  many  more   Apps  planned!   Innovate  
  8. First  to  bring  mobile  accessibility  across  Asia  Business Backward  phone

     integraYon     (older  phones  with  mobile  version  of  websites) New  Technologies TesYng Using   -­‐   SemanYcs  search  technology User  Interface  Focus OrganizaYon  Structure  Change Product  managers  focused  on  consumer  &  customer  experience Giving  AdverYsers InnovaYve  SoluYons   -­‐   Rich  media  adverts   -­‐   Microsites   -­‐   Integrated  search Maximum  Exposure   -­‐   MulYple  online  distribuYon  channels   -­‐   Print  exposure  over  mulYple  publicaYons   -  Akamai for better server optimization First on iPhone, iPad & Android Innovate  
  9. Provide  the  best  –  without  going  overboard!   Apps  represent

     the  brand   Oeen  consumer’s  first  associaYon  with  brand   FuncYonality  AND  Form   Facilitator  of  lead  generaYon   Lead  
  10. Consumer  discussions,  surveys,  focus  groups  at   the  core  

    Focus  on  3  main  uses  for  our  first  apps   • Property  Search  across  all  property  types  (ConnecYng)   • Sending  Enquiries  (Lead  GeneraYon)   • Reading  News  and  Viewing  Building  InformaYon  (Content)   Listen   Consumers  
  11. Understanding  Agent  Value  Chain   •  42%  felt  that  access

     on  mobile  devices    could  greatly  assist  their  workflow  processes(recent  SG   Customer  survey)   •  Focus  on  access  to  Ymely  and  accurate  property  data   •   Lead  generaYon   Highly  mobile  agents  expect  access  to  informaYon  and  ability  to  post  lisYngs  on  the  go   2  major  areas  of  focus  for  our  first  app   •  PosYng  LisYngs   •  Managing  Leads   Listen   Customers  
  12. • 9.26  %  on  mobile   • with  avg.  Yme  on  site

     4  ½    minutes   iProperty.com.sg   • 7.90  %  on  mobile   with  avg.  Yme  on  site  6  ¼    minutes   GoHome.com.hk   • 7.89  %  on  mobile   with  avg.  Yme  on  site  8  ¼  minutes   iProperty.com.my   • 7.60  %  on  mobile   with  avg.  Yme  on  site  11  ½    minutes   Rumah123.com   Engage  
  13. A  commitment  to  mobile  requires   innova`on  in  marke`ng  too!

        Post  development  –  Marke`ng  Learnings  
  14. Finding  channel  partners   CommunicaYon  with  Partner  Campaigns   Recent

     campaign  with  SingTel  for  Android  App  in  Singapore  
  15. Crisp,  clear  messaging  to  consumers  and  customers   EDM  &

     online  Campaigns,  Prizes,  give-­‐aways  
  16. Product  Development   Markets  and   Product  Overview   Taking

     the  product   plans/objecYves   and  making  reality   Managing  internal   expectaYons  and   wants   Lessons  learned  in   development   Challenges  with   development   Some  numbers…  
  17. Market  and  Product  Overview   Malaysia   • Consumers   • Mobile

     website  (cross   plarorm)   • iPhone/iPad  app   • Android  App   • Nokia  (Symbian)  App   • BlackBerry  App   • Customers   • iPhone  App   Singapore   • Consumers   • Mobile  website  (cross   plarorm)   • iPhone/iPad  App   • Android  App   • Customers   • iPhone/iPad  App  
  18. Market  and  Product  Overview   Hong  Kong   • Consumers  

    • iPhone  App   • Android  App   • Mobile  Website  (cross   plarorm)   • Customers   • iPhone  App   Indonesia   • Consumers   • Mobile  website  (Cross   Plarorm)   • BlackBerry  App   • Android  App   • Customers   • BlackBerry  App  
  19. Product  Plans  and  turning  them  into  reality   • Consumers  

    • Hong  Kong  (recently   updated  August  2011)   • Malaysia  (April  2010)  and   Singapore  (July  2010)   • Vendor  (Infindo)   Consumer   -­‐  iPhone   and  iPad  
  20. Product  Plans  and  turning  them  into  reality   •  iProperty

     quarterly  innovaYon  event  asks   the  IT  to  try  out  new  ideas  and  develop   new  products   •  The  most  recent  winning  entry  was  a   prototype  Android  applicaYon  for  property   search   •  The  winning  team  were  supported  in   conYnuing  to  develop  their  prototype  as  a   real  product   •  Released  to  the  market  in  May  2011   (Malaysia)  and  August  2011  (Singapore)   Consumer   -­‐  Android   @ChinWyeJin
  21. Product  Plans  and  turning  them  into  reality   • Product  concept

     (March  2011)   • Vendor  EvaluaYon  (April  2011)   • Design  and  Product   Development  with  AlphaPod   (May  2011)   • Involvement  of  internal  teams   (design  +  api)   • Product  Release  (Sept  2011)   Customers   (A  sneak   peak!)  
  22. Managing  internal  expecta`ons   Agile  Development   (SCRUM)   • Bi-­‐Weekly

      iteraYons   Early  Feedback   • Daily  stand-­‐ups   and  product   demos  
  23. Managing  internal  expecta`ons   How  to  moneYze  with  Mobile  AdverYsing?

      We’re  sYll  learning   Google  DFP   for  Mobile   and  AdMob  is   making  it   easier   UYlising    Google  AdMob,  we  can  use   Banner   Click  to  Call   Click  to   Mobile  Web   Click  to  App   Download   Click  to   InteracYve   Video   Click  to   Expandable   Banner   We  know   Google   DoubleClick   for  Publishers   well   Mobile   ready!  
  24. Lessons  learnt  in  development   Test  oeen  and  test  early

     for   app  store  distribuYon   •  Our  Mobile  apps  use  a  API  which  allows  development   effort  to  be  reduced  across  iOS/Android   Building  a  common  API  is   very  important   Load  TesYng  and   Measuring  the  API   Using  tools  like  TestFlight   for  iOS  devices  beta  TesYng     •  Flurry,  Google  AnalyYcs,  App  Store  Dashboards   •  NewRelic  for  Server  metrics   Remember  to  measure   with  tools  like  
  25. Challenges  in  development   •  Making  a  decision  to  go

     mobile   requires  good  designers  and  UX   •  It  requires  a  focus  on  the  basic   use  cases  and  iteraYng  through   the  design  for  good  usability   •  The  team  comes  from  a  web-­‐ based  app  development  and   we  are  sYll  learning   Mobile   design   is  not   simple  
  26. Some  numbers…   Malaysia   • iPhone  app  :  66k  

    downloads  since  launch   • iPad  app  :  15k  downloads   since  launch   • Android  app  :  4.8k   downloads  since  launch   Singapore   • Approx  10%  of  Leads   from  Mobile  (4%  from   Mobile  Website)   • iPhone  app  :  48k   downloads  since  launch   • iPad  app  :  16k   downloads  since  launch   • Android  app  :  1.5k   downloads  in  3  weeks!