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What is DevOps?

What is DevOps?

Sometimes you just need to take a step back and make sure everyone is on the same page. This very short presentation is what I use to ensure that the people I do software development with understand what I mean when I say "DevOps".


Michael Scott Winslow

December 08, 2016


  1. != • Has automated himself out of a job before

    • Spaces > Tabs • Not THAT “Michael Winslow” What is DevOps? @michaelswinslow michaelswinslow
  2. What DevOps Is NOT What is DevOps? • DevOps is

    not a team of “full-stack” polyglots who each have knowledge of both development and operations • DevOps is not simply combining the Development and Operations teams • DevOps is not an interchangeable process that can be carried from one team to the next @michaelswinslow
  3. What Devops IS • A commitment to continuously improve the

    process by which the Dev and Ops teams create, release and support software • A movement toward defining temporary intersections between Development and Operations teams • Different (always) • A Mindset or Culture What is DevOps? @michaelswinslow
  4. Quote “We are not generalists, we are well connected specialists.”

    – Adam Jacob, CTO of Chef What is DevOps? @michaelswinslow
  5. Why Keep Separate (But Connected)? What is DevOps? • Context

    Switching: It’s a major problem for developers • Developers tend to be more productive in a planned release cycle with large amounts of “heads down” time • Giving Estimates: It’s a major problem for ops engineers • Operations Engineers tend to be interrupt driven and are often the ones asked to investigate production issues • Developers often prefer Scrum / Operations often prefer Kanban @michaelswinslow
  6. Then Why Connect Dev and Ops At All? What is

    DevOps? • Minor Reason: Production Support • Temporarily fix Production issues • Major Reason: Process Improvement • Permanently fix issues that were found in Production • Find issues before they reach Production • Reduce the time it takes to identify production issues • Reduce the time it takes to reproduce production issues in other (safe) environments for testing • Reduce the time it takes to move software through the pipeline @michaelswinslow
  7. != • Started programming at 10 years old • Spaces

    > Tabs • Not THAT “Michael Winslow” What is DevOps? @michaelswinslow michaelswinslow