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February 19, 2023



February 19, 2023

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  1. バグの多くは「忘れもの」 要求 要件 仕様 設計 実装 実装通り 動くか 「確認」 …だけで

    いい? ・要件定義漏れ ・偉い人との認識齟齬 ・仕様漏れ ・設計の間違い ・影響箇所の把握漏れ ・PMとの認識齟齬 ・実装の間違い ・実装の漏れ
  2. Testing is made up of two parts: "checking" and "testing"

    Checking that the system works according to specifications and implementation Testing to find bugs These two things together make a "good test".
  3. Many of the bugs are "forgotten things" We want to

    do this Requir ement Specificat ion Design Implement ation Checking that it works as implemen ted Just to see if it works. Is that okay? ・Omission of requirement definition ・Discrepancies in understanding with higher-ups ・Leakage of specification ・Mistakes in design ・Failure to identify affected areas ・Discrepancies in understanding with PM ・Implementation errors ・Implementation omissions
  4. When you think you've completed it, give yourself three minutes

    to think, "Is there anything I've forgotten?"
  5. If you can, actually touch the system while thinking, "How

    can I make this system have a problem?” about 10 minites. Then you may remember, "Oh, I forgot this!”