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Four Reasons to Learn Ruby on Rails in Your First Web Programing

Four Reasons to Learn Ruby on Rails in Your First Web Programing

This presentation describes why "Ruby on Rails" is the best of programming language for a beginner to learn.


March 27, 2016

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  1. Four Reasons to Learn Ruby on Rails in Your First

    Web Programing morizyun (@zyunnosuke)
  2. Self Introduction { name: morizyun } { job: Ruby &

    Java software programmer working at M3 } { twitter: @zyunnosuke } { blog: { name: ञͱᔢͱRubyͱRailsͱ }, { url: http://morizyun.github.io/ } }
  3. About Ruby on Rails • Ruby on Rails is one

    of the most major web frameworks of open source software. https://github.com/showcases/web-application-frameworks
  4. Describing Rails in a Word • “Rails is omakase.” by

    DHH (Rails Founder) • When we order in a sushi restaurant, we usually don't need to specify any amount of wasabi. Just the same, Rails already has productive architecture and best practices to make programming easier. We don't need to waste our time defining them. http://david.heinemeierhansson.com/2012/rails-is-omakase.html
  5. Why You Should Use Ruby on Rails: • It has

    a lot of functions for improving productivity. • Many developers are creating some libraries for Ruby on Rails to make websites more easily. • There are a lot of friendly regional communities for it.
  6. Enjoy Programing! Enjoyment of programming is key Matz (Ruby’s Founder)

    Programmer happiness is key. DHH (Rails’ Founder)
  7. [Development Environment] Cloud9 https://c9.io/ • If you have a PC

    with a browser, you can start to develop websites.
  8. MINASWAN in Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MINASWAN “Matz(Ruby’s Founder) is Nice And So

    We Are Nice" (MINASWAN) is a Ruby programming motto designed to promote positivity and goodwill among community members.
  9. Conclusion • The Ruby and Rails softwares were made for

    enjoying programming. So, we can have fun by using the Ruby and Rails programs. • There are a lot of free materials to learn Rails. So, programming beginners can easily use Rails. • There are so many local communities in the world. 
 All Ruby communities prize goodwill. • If you have difficulty learning Rails, please send a message to @zyunnosuke on Twitter. (๑•̀Ŷ•́๑)✧