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Big Data Berlin

Big Data Berlin

Oh my, such a link baity title, sorry everyone.

Chris Adams

May 24, 2018

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  1. Green Clouds in a world of Blockchains & AI Chris

    Adams May 2018
  2. Chris Adams: @mrchrisadams Environmentally focussed web generalist

  3. Loco2 - Low CO2 travel in Europe by train TeaLight

    - Low CO2 cups of tea, based on power grid load A.M.E.E. (Avoid Mass Extinction Engine) - CO2 calculation APIs MastodonC - zero carbon big data and data science Thermondo - heating installations in Germany About me
  4. Building a planet friendly web - May 2018 @mrchrisadams

  5. Yes, it’s happening. Yes, it’s us. Yes, we’re sure

  6. Building a planet friendly web - May 2018 @mrchrisadams http://blogs.plos.org/scicomm/2015/08/09/when-scientific-facts-are-not-enough-communicating-the-consensus-on-

  7. Building a planet friendly web - May 2018 @mrchrisadams http://www.iea.org/media/news/2017/GlobalCarbonEmissions2.png

    http://www.iea.org/newsroom/news/2017/march/iea-finds-co2-emissions-flat-for-third-straight-year-even-as-global- economy-grew.html
  8. Building a planet friendly web - May 2018 @mrchrisadams http://folk.uio.no/roberan/t/global_mitigation_curves.shtml

  9. Building a planet friendly web - May 2018 @mrchrisadams ©

    2011-2012 GreenTouch Consortium 2020 ICT Carbon Footprint 820m tons CO2 360m tons CO2 260m tons CO2 2007 Worldwide ICT
 carbon footprint:
 2% = 830 m tons CO2 Comparable to the
 global aviation 
 industry Expected to grow 
 to 4% by 2020 The Climate Group, GeSI Report “Smart 2020”, 2008 Full report - https://www.slideshare.net/greentouch-org/intro-to-green-touch
  10. “Since 2012, the amount of compute used in the largest

    AI training runs has been increasing exponentially with a 3.5 month-doubling time (by comparison, Moore’s Law had an 18- month doubling period)” Dario Amodei & Danny Hernandez. https://blog.openai.com/ai-and-compute/
  11. Building a planet friendly web - May 2018 @mrchrisadams https://blog.openai.com/ai-and-compute/

  12. Building a planet friendly web - May 2018 @mrchrisadams https://blog.openai.com/ai-and-compute/

  13. Building a planet friendly web - May 2018 @mrchrisadams https://grist.org/article/bitcoins-energy-use-got-studied-and-you-libertarian-nerds-look-even-worse-than-usual/

  14. Building a planet friendly web - May 2018 @mrchrisadams https://www.cell.com/joule/fulltext/S2542-4351(18)30177-6

  15. Building a planet friendly web - May 2018 @mrchrisadams https://github.com/productscience/pfw-top-mil

  16. Building a planet friendly web - May 2018 @mrchrisadams https://www.technologyreview.com/s/610457/at-this-rate-its-going-to-take-nearly-400-

  17. Building a planet friendly web - May 2018 @mrchrisadams A

    mental model for thinking about this
  18. Building a planet friendly web - May 2018 @mrchrisadams Your

    Packets Your Platform Your Process
  19. Your platform Provider Provisioning

  20. Your platform Provider: Where did the power your servers run

    on come from?
  21. Power quote From 2017 report - http://www.greenpeace.org/usa/global-warming/click-clean/

  22. Your platform Provider: What if you are the provider? From

    2017 report - http://www.greenpeace.org/usa/global-warming/click-clean/
  23. Green Grid Association - https://www.thegreengrid.org

  24. Your platform Provider: What if you don’t have direct control

    over where power comes from?
  25. http://www.datacenterknowledge.com/archives/2016/05/11/akamai-pledges-to-source-renewable-energy-for-data-centers Contracts for difference. How Akamai does renewable power in

    data centres they don’t own
  26. http://www.datacenterknowledge.com/archives/2016/05/11/akamai-pledges-to-source-renewable-energy-for-data-centers

  27. http://www.datacenterknowledge.com/archives/2016/05/11/akamai-pledges-to-source-renewable-energy-for-data-centers

  28. http://www.datacenterknowledge.com/archives/2016/05/11/akamai-pledges-to-source-renewable-energy-for-data-centers

  29. http://www.datacenterknowledge.com/archives/2016/05/11/akamai-pledges-to-source-renewable-energy-for-data-centers

  30. http://www.datacenterknowledge.com/archives/2016/05/11/akamai-pledges-to-source-renewable-energy-for-data-centers

  31. Your platform Provision: How many server resources do you use?

    And when?
  32. The power of wireless cloud 2013 (CEET - http://www.ceet.unimelb.edu.au/publications)

  33. “many workloads are spiky or drop to zero for extended

    periods… applications used in the workplace may only be active for 40 of the 168 hours in a week.” Adrian Cockroft @adrianco: AWS, ex Netflix @mrchrisadams https://medium.com/@adrianco/evolution-of-business-logic-from-monoliths-through-microservices-to-functions- ff464b95a44d#.4ap421dwr
  34. @mrchrisadams Zero carbon big data - https://mastodonc.com

  35. FaaS / Serverless: per request scaling*

  36. “the technical capabilities of serverless might not be that exciting,

    but the financial side sure is… Strong financial incentives for good design practices, and clear financial penalties for bad design” Gojko Adzic @mrchrisadamshttps://gojko.net/2016/08/27/serverless.html
  37. When your second biggest cost after staff is data centres,

    you have a very good incentive to care about saving energy. @mrchrisadams https://deepmind.com/blog/deepmind-ai-reduces-google-data-centre-cooling-bill-40
  38. @mrchrisadams https://www.technologyreview.com/s/607879/google-reveals-a-powerful-new-ai-chip-and-supercomputer/

  39. Your process 
 Getting around Getting shelter Getting feedback Getting

  40. Your Platform Your Packets Your Process

  41. Which future do we want to build?

  42. Help me make a free guide - planetfriendlyweb.com

  43. Thanks! chris@productscience.co.uk @mrchrisadams

  44. How you can help Join the W3C sustainable web design

 https://www.w3.org/community/sustyweb Help me turn this info into a free guide
 planetfriendlyweb.org/contributing Keep this conversation going: http://bit.ly/susty-ux-slack
  45. Credits (noun project) 
 Your Process - Flowchart - Maria

    Kislitsina https://thenounproject.com/term/flow-chart/904061/ Your Packets - Network - Marie Van den Broeck https://thenounproject.com/search/?q=network&i=381046 Your Platform - CPU - Dinosoft Labs https://thenounproject.com/search/?q=cpu&i=1120852 Scope 1 - Kettle - Ruben Semedo https://thenounproject.com/search/?q=kettle&i=540961 Scope 2 - Electric Kettle - Aaron K. Kim https://thenounproject.com/term/kettle/123921 Scope 3 - Coffee Cup - Vectors Market https://thenounproject.com/term/coffee-takeaway/1203983/