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Planet Friendly Digital Design

Chris Adams
November 22, 2016

Planet Friendly Digital Design

The slide deck I used to deliver a talk to introduce the subject of the internet having an environmental impact, and what UX specialists and designers can do, along with a run a workshop on the subject

Chris Adams

November 22, 2016

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  1. 2. 30m: Principles of Design for Sustainability 3. 50m: Trying

    it out yourself, then discussion 1. ~5m: Introduction, and a chance to avoid FOMO
  2. Who am I? Designer, then Developer, then Sysadmin, then Developer

    again, then Product Manager, then UX Consultant, then User Researcher. Now (nearly) ALL OF THE ABOVE.
  3. xkcd.com/1732/ Sorry online viewers, you can’t see this video. I

    just shows me scrolling down the screen narrating as I go. Not much missed TBH.
  4. worrydream.com/ClimateChange/ Sorry online viewers, you can’t see this video. It

    just shows me moving the widget around. Give it a go yourself. It’s loads of (terrifying, depressing) fun.
  5. What can I do? I work on the web. And

    anyway, the web’s green right?
  6. Nearly one billion tonnes CO2 and rising (More than Poland,

    and growing faster) Source: Greenpeace Click Clean Report
  7. Usability Responsive design and mobile first Content and display patterns

    Testing content before publishing Build feedback into user journeys Dark patterns and sustainable choices
  8. Findability Content experiments - have a feedback loop Content Audits

    - keep, kill, or merge Content first design - designing with real data User language vs your language - i.e search On-site Search - reveals gaps in content, ux issues
  9. @mrchrisadams Thanks! Any questions? Book: oreil.ly/sustainability (50% discount with link

    above) Websites: sustainablewebdesign.org ecograder.org
  10. Fishbowl 5 seats 4 people sitting, 1 empty chair, always

    Sit in a chair to ask a question, or say something. You can only leave when someone else sits in an empty chair.