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Making the New Constellation Sets

Making the New Constellation Sets

The Presentation of our team at International Space Apps Challenge Tokyo 2013. Members are Hideaki Ito, Manabu Ozeki, Fuyuki Matsuyama, Mariko Goda and Yuichi Yazaki. We have received the Kapal award.

Yuichi Yazaki

April 21, 2013

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  1. աڈͷ੕ਤ΍੕࠲͕෮׆ʜʂ w ʮੈքͷଠཅͱ݄ͱ੕ͷຽ࿩ʯ w தࠃ੕࠲ʮఱจ੕৅ਤʯ w ΪϦγϟ੕࠲੒ཱҎ߱ɺࠃࡍج ४͕Ͱ͖Δ·Ͱͷؒɺେߤւ࣌ ୅ʹ࡞ΒΕɺফ͍͑ͯͬͨ੕࠲ ͨͪ

    w ੈلΦϥϯμͷηϥϦ΢εఱ ٿਤ w υΠπͷఱจՈόΠϠʔ͕࡞੒ ͨ͠੕ਤʮ΢ϥϊϝτϦΞʯ w ϑϥϯεͷఱจֶऀϥΧΠϢ͕ ௥Ճͨ͠΋ͷ