Denise Jacobs: Your Brain on Creativity

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February 15, 2012

Denise Jacobs: Your Brain on Creativity

New Adventures, 19th Jan 2012

Your Brain on Creativity

While creativity seems ethereal, mysterious and often capricious, there is a biological side of the creative process that underlies the sense of being animated by the divine. Creativity is not just a state of mind and soul, but is also complex symphony of neurobiology, neurochemistry, and neuroelectricity. What is happening inside our craniums, amongst the cortex, hemispheres, and neuroglia when we create? How does the science of the creative brain turn concepts of ways to approach things like work, order, serious concentration, focus, and productivity on their ears? If we better understand the brain on creativity, we can hopefully leverage it's power for increased ideation, innovation, productivity, and flow.


New Adventures

February 15, 2012