Mark Boulton: A New Canon

1ce62c03f0d718799266a77070433e2e?s=47 New Adventures
September 28, 2011

Mark Boulton: A New Canon

Mark Boulton, New Adventures, January 2011

In the real world, responsive design is nothing new. Products adapt to our needs. Technology monitors local environments to adjust lighting, temperature and even physical spaces. But what about web? In designing with words, the desire to bind content to a device has been around as long as there have been books. Mark will take you from desire to implementation, from theory to practice. How can we build upon what we know from literally hundreds of years of responsive design practice to define a new era of online publishing? An era where we strive for the same level of human / technology connection that started with the monks.


New Adventures

September 28, 2011