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Durian Conference 2017 - Capture the Flag Secret Recipes: Organizer and Players

April 08, 2017

Durian Conference 2017 - Capture the Flag Secret Recipes: Organizer and Players

A presentation in Durian Security Conference 2017 held in Malaysia with the content of Capture the Flag 101.


April 08, 2017

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  1. Introduction nafiez - Fuzzing & Memory Corruption fans Yeh -

    Reverser & binary developer j00dan - $dayjob - #threathunting #threatintel #DFIR - HITB CTF Overlord 3.0 & Scoreboard developer
  2. Capture the Flag • Competition in information security • Gain

    technical knowledge and experience in information security • Understanding of how is the real world attack like ◦ Defenders know how to defence when they understand how to attack • Knowledge sharing platform • Cyber drill isn’t the only way to gain technical knowledge in information security • Where you can begin your information security journey
  3. continue • Art of problem solving too! • Desire to

    learn - everything is custom • Of course meet new friend (chances to get a new job too) • Sleepless (if the game 2 days) • Legal! • Your organization need more good people - find talent
  4. Game Design • Plan properly • Be creative e.g. implement

    real world like Nuclear, Scada • Easy to understand • Logging capability • Complete control of the game • You know what you’re doing :)
  5. Scoring • Always test the scoring system with real game

    play scenarios • Ensure the scoring system is fair to every team • Never implement very complicated scoring system • Flag only can be submitted ONCE • Randomize flag rotation
  6. Network • Fully NATed • Hide your f*cking scoreserver IP

    address • Control the security of network, including ARP spoofing, limiting the bandwidth • Restrict player’s access to your (organizer) network • Deploy network monitoring tool • If Jeopardy style, it will be more easier :)
  7. Jeopardy: Challenges • Around 5 different categories of challenges ◦

    Web ◦ Binary ◦ Network ◦ Cryptography ◦ Forensics • Numbers of difficulty for each category • In a sequence of “Easy to Super Hard” or reverse way • Ensure the score is map to the difficulty of the challenge and total amount of time that require to solve the challenge • Bonus Challenges as well :)
  8. Attack & Defense: Daemons / Services • Non-blocking socket to

    prevent DoS • Runs in low privilege and separate user with different daemons • Ensure all daemons are exploitable • Ensure the daemons can be solved within game time
  9. Ideas • Exploitation Technique ◦ 12 bits of randomization -

    ASLR issue in Ubuntu (4096 max tries) - old issues since Ubuntu 12.04 ◦ Injecting payload into 12 bytes of buffer is almost impossible • Backdooring the OS ◦ Installed backdoor as part of the legitimate services ◦ We have deployed backdoor 2 years in row • SCTP Protocol ◦ We used SCTP protocol to send flag over the wire. No one noticed the flag is in the air \0/ • We fuzzed our own binary / services before it gets out to production ◦ We will fixed any issue that found during fuzzing on the spot :)
  10. Jeopardy 1. Solve as fast, as much as you can

    2. Make sure you love puzzles and maths! 3. King of the hill \0/ Attack & Defense 1. Make sure you control your box / server 2. Jailed your system 3. Make sure none of the services are running as root 4. Your programming skills in terms of offensive and defensive
  11. Continue... • Thousands of write up out there to learn

    from • Learn from seniors • Don’t be shy • CTF is almost every week! ◦ They even have calendar for it at CTFtime.org
  12. What to prepare? • You always need to be ready!

    • Team work or you can play alone xD ◦ Each team member shall has different skills • If you’re on site, make sure to bring your power gang, switch, own internet access, food, and drink (Recommended to bring Red Bull) • Backup everything before someone pwn you • Make sure you have your own wiki ◦ Store everything whatever you have done in the CTF • Bring your 0-day! Sometimes you need it :)
  13. Be clever • To target the high profile team •

    To capture others exploit • To win some $$$ • Some challenges are almost the same like the other CTF too • For some reason, you will always need “Galactus”
  14. Things you need to aware with • Some team play

    CTF just for $$$ • “Things that you haven’t see before!” • “Seems like a complex mathematics” • “It looks simple but tedious” • Complex code e.g. obfuscation, etc. • “This doesn’t seem exploitable” • “It’s damn freaking complicated” • “That team can solve it much faster”
  15. You should avoid • Scanning entire network in the game

    - LAME • Launch DDoS attack • Attacking scoreserver • Watch WWE wrestling • Texting your girlfriend LOL
  16. Things that we have done • wargames.my 2011 ◦ Malaysia

    first online Capture the Flag competition ◦ This is where we got recruited :) • HITB KUL CTF 2011 ◦ Jeopardy style • HITB KUL CTF Competition 2012 ◦ CTF Weapons of Mass Destruction – Fallout Apocalypse ◦ 32 Hours non stop competition ◦ CTF Crew 1.0 + CTF Crew 2.0 + CTF Crew 3.0 organized together • HITB KUL CTF Competition 2013 ◦ CTF WMD: War of the World • HITB KUL CTF Competition 2014 ◦ CTF: Age of Extinction • HITB GSEC 2016 ◦ Jeopardy style, collaboration with Facebook Security Team (to introduced their CTF platform)