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社長の憂鬱 Melancholy CEO

June 26, 2016

社長の憂鬱 Melancholy CEO


June 26, 2016

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    people's hearts σβΠϯͷྗΛূ໌͢Δ Proving the power of great design OUR VISION OUR MISSION ͜ͷͭͷ໨తΛͿΒ͞ͳ͍
  2. Goodpatch way 8):͔Βߟ͑ɺߦಈ͢ΔʢϦʔμʔγοϓʣ WHY first, then ACTION (Leadership) 01 ҒେͳϓϩμΫτ͸ҒେͳνʔϜ͔Βੜ·ΕΔʢνʔϜʣ

    GREAT PRODUCTS are born from GREAT TEAMS (Team) 02 ࠷ߴͷΫΦϦςΟΛٻΊͯ೪Δʢ࢓ࣄͷ඼࣭ʣ NEVER SATISFIED - Pursue highest quality design (Quality of work) 03 Φʔφʔγοϓͱ৘೤Λ࣋ͭʢ࢓ࣄʹର͢Δ࢟੎ʣ Show PASSION, take OWNERSHIP (Attitude towards work) 04 ·ͣ΍ͬͯΈΔɺԿ౓Ͱ΋௅ઓ͢ΔʢϓϩτλΠϐϯάʣ First TRY, then KEEP TRYING (Prototyping) 05 Ξ΢τϓοτʂΠϯϓοτʂΞ΢τϓοτʂʢ޷ح৺ͱ୳ڀ৺ʣ OUTPUT! INPUT! OUTPUT! (Curiosity) 06 ϦϑϨʔϛϯάɿ৭Μͳࢹ఺Λ࣋ͭʢߟ͑ํɺৗࣝΛٙ͏ʣ REFRAME - Carry multiple POVs (Way of thinking, question common sense) 07 ϏδωεతͳՁ஋ʹͩ͜ΘΔʢࣄۀࢹ఺ʣ Strive to create VALUE for business (Business mindset) 08