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Deploy Drupal with Chef

Deploy Drupal with Chef

A lightning talk that shows the process of going from zero-to-Drupal with Chef.

Nathen Harvey

January 14, 2013

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  1. The Joy of Cooking: Deploying Drupal with Chef Nathen Harvey

    @nathenharvey January 14, 2013
  2. Agenda •  Overview of Chef •  Meet Vagrant •  Zero-to-Drupal

    with Chef •  Drupal on EC2
  3. What is Chef? Recipes and Cookbooks that describe Infrastructure as

    Code. Chef enables people to easily build & manage complex & dynamic applications at massive scale • New model for describing infrastructure that promotes reuse • Programmatically provision and configure • Reconstruct business from code repository, data backup, and bare metal resources Chef is an automation platform for developers & systems engineers to continuously define, build, and manage infrastructure. CHEF USES: “ ”
  4. Components of Chef

  5. Meet Vagrant http://vagrantup.com

  6. Zero-to-Drupal with Chef •  Download Cookbooks from community.opscode.com

  7. Zero-to-Drupal with Chef •  Upload Cookbooks to Hosted Chef

  8. Zero-to-Drupal with Chef •  Configure Vagrant Vagrant::Config.run do |config| config.vm.box

    = "drupal-ubuntu-12.04" config.vm.box_url = "https://opscode-vm…com/…/…/opscode-ubuntu-12.04.box" config.vm.forward_port 80, 8080 # Use this configuration for chef-client and a Chef server config.vm.provision :chef_client do |chef| chef.chef_server_url = "https://api.opscode.com/organizations/learnchef" chef.validation_key_path = "./.chef/learnchef-validator.pem" chef.validation_client_name = "learnchef-validator" chef.add_recipe("apt") chef.add_recipe("drupal") chef.node_name = "vagrant_drupal" end end
  9. Zero-to-Drupal with Chef •  vagrant up

  10. Drupal on EC2 •  knife ec2 server create -r 'recipe[apt],recipe[drupal]'

    -f t1.micro -N ec2_drupal -I ami-3d4ff254 -x ubuntu
  11. Zero-to-Drupal with Chef

  12. Thank You •  What questions do you have? •  https://github.com/learnchef/deploy_drupal

    •  Chef Introductory Workshop – Feb 27 – “MEETUP” saves you 10% •  Nathen Harvey •  Technical Community Manager, Opscode •  nharvey@opscode.com •  @nathenharvey