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zero-to-Drupal with Chef

Nathen Harvey
February 12, 2013

zero-to-Drupal with Chef

Introduction to Chef and deploying Drupal with Chef given as part of the Chicago Chef Users Group in February 2013.

Nathen Harvey

February 12, 2013

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  1. zero-to-Drupal with Chef Nathen Harvey @nathenharvey

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  6. Components of Chef

  7. Download the Cookbook

  8. Upload the Cookbook to Chef Server

  9. Launch a Server on EC2 • knife ec2 server create

    -r 'recipe[apt],recipe[drupal]' -f m1.medium -N ec2_drupal -I ami-3d4ff254 -x ubuntu •
  10. #ChefConf 2013 Tex OPSCODE-MEETUP - Save 15%

  11. Thank You • What questions do you have? • https://github.com/learnchef/deploy_drupal

    • Chef Introductory Workshop - Tomorrow • Want to go? • Nathen Harvey • nharvey@opscode.com • @nathenharvey