Social Media and your Subscribers

B356ed9ba5644b76374a5d2e7b39de4e?s=47 Nick Petrie
January 30, 2013

Social Media and your Subscribers

These are the slides that Ben Whitelaw and I used to present at DCM Europe. Looking at how we use social media to engage with The Times digital audience - with a focus on our nationwide cycling campaign


Nick Petrie

January 30, 2013


  1. Social Media and your Subscribers

  2. Nick Petrie Social Media Editor, The Times @petren Ben Whitelaw

    Communities Editor, The Times @benwhitelaw
  3. Using social media to make non- subscribers aware of what

    you do Using social media to cultivate relationships with subscribers Using social media to change perceptions Maintaining relationships with ￿committed￿readers after social
  4. Awareness

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  8. Changing Perceptions

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  12. Cultivating Relationships

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  14. The Times crowdsourced over 10,000 cycling danger points

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  18. Maintaining Relationships

  19. Real life still matters

  20. Stay in regular contact

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