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Why Slack?

Why Slack?

I will talk about what has changed since introducing Slack and about integration

Nobutoshi Ogata

December 11, 2018

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  1. Why Slack Nobutoshi Ogata @nobu666 2018/12/11

  2. Agenda • Self-introduction • SmartNews • Change due to introduction

    of Slack • Chat culture • Integration
  3. • @nobu666 • Entrusted Dev (10y) ⇨ GREE (3y) ⇨

    HR Tech Startup (1y) ⇨ SmartNews (May 2015) Engineering Manager, SRE and Corporate Engineering About me
  4. SmartNews

  5. Sma w • 世界中の良質な情報を必要な人に送り届ける / Delivering the world’s quality information

    to the people who need it
  6. None
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  10. Change due to introduction of

  11. Slack • It was 2015 that we started using Slack

    • By the time I joined the company, it was already used at the main
  12. Things used before Slack • Facebook Messenger ◦ Too many

    threads • HipChat ◦ (At that time) There was no setting of permission, it was difficult to control outsourcer
  13. Transfer • Initially we were using Slack only for communication

    with part-time jobs and outsourcing parties
  14. Concern at that time • Price ◦ It got a

    little expensive, but it was not enough to care • History runs out ◦ We used both for a while, but gave up
  15. Merit • Notification settings can be made finer • We

    could re-start that we want to communicate more openly
  16. Chat culture

  17. Overview

  18. Overview

  19. Overview

  20. Overview

  21. Culture • Use Slack even if you are next to

    the conversation target ◦ After finishing with verbal conversations, write a summary in Slack later • Open information ◦ Only the conversation that is troublesome if all members can be seen is made with a private channel
  22. Culture

  23. Culture

  24. Bad effect • High contextual conversation increases ◦ New comers

    are hard to get into conversation ◦ Create commonly used high-context word glossary • Too much information ◦ Use mention nicely ◦ Decide the purpose of the channel
  25. Integration

  26. Bot

  27. Bot

  28. Bot

  29. SaaS integration

  30. SaaS integration

  31. Slash commands

  32. Slash commands

  33. Slash commands

  34. Summary

  35. Summary • Consciously operate chat culture • Use SaaS integration

    and bot
  36. We want more!! https://smartnews.workable.com/

  37. None