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Why Slack?

Why Slack?

I will talk about what has changed since introducing Slack and about integration

Nobutoshi Ogata

December 11, 2018

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  1. • @nobu666 • Entrusted Dev (10y) ⇨ GREE (3y) ⇨

    HR Tech Startup (1y) ⇨ SmartNews (May 2015) Engineering Manager, SRE and Corporate Engineering About me
  2. Slack • It was 2015 that we started using Slack

    • By the time I joined the company, it was already used at the main
  3. Things used before Slack • Facebook Messenger ◦ Too many

    threads • HipChat ◦ (At that time) There was no setting of permission, it was difficult to control outsourcer
  4. Transfer • Initially we were using Slack only for communication

    with part-time jobs and outsourcing parties
  5. Concern at that time • Price ◦ It got a

    little expensive, but it was not enough to care • History runs out ◦ We used both for a while, but gave up
  6. Merit • Notification settings can be made finer • We

    could re-start that we want to communicate more openly
  7. Culture • Use Slack even if you are next to

    the conversation target ◦ After finishing with verbal conversations, write a summary in Slack later • Open information ◦ Only the conversation that is troublesome if all members can be seen is made with a private channel
  8. Bad effect • High contextual conversation increases ◦ New comers

    are hard to get into conversation ◦ Create commonly used high-context word glossary • Too much information ◦ Use mention nicely ◦ Decide the purpose of the channel
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