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The Web, the Cloud and the Distributed Space

The Web, the Cloud and the Distributed Space

A guest session I have done at IIT


Nuwan Bandara

October 09, 2013

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  1. The Web, the Cloud and the Distributed space Nuwan Bandara

    [t] @nuwanbando [b] http://nuwanbando.com
  2. Internet of things http://www.opineit.com/sites/default/files/styles/pin_page/public/field/image/130502212037-internet-of- things-graphic-story-top.jpg?itok=P0JibjH8

  3. Internet of things http://www.raspberrypi.org/wp- content/uploads/2011/07/RaspiModelB.png

  4. Internet of things http://englishforsocialmedia.files.wordpress.com/2013/03/internet-minute- intel-60-second-image-via-shutterstock.jpg

  5. Everything has an API

  6. API Centric Application Design / Development Pros ❏ Opens up

    more business (Multiple monetizing avenues) ❏ Multiple faces - single backend ❏ Mobile {device} friendly ❏ Manageable (Enables BI) Cons (not so much) ❏ Paradigm shift in application development
  7. Technology Space is Changing ❏ Across the board data formats

    (aka JSON ;)) ❏ Across the board programming languages (aka JavaScript ;)) ❏ Not only SQL (NoSQL) storages for object storage ❏ Highly scalable software server infrastructure (Cloud native / Automatically scaling and what not)
  8. Technology delivery medium is changing ❏ Everything goes to a

    store these days (An effective delivery platform) ❏ Mobile first and then responsive ❏ Entire ecosystem is conceptually tightly coupled (technologically loosely) ❏ Everything is social hence going “viral” is “winning”
  9. I / We {WSO2} love this paradigm shift ❏ Infact

    we were part of it
  10. Contributing to Each Silos ❏ We have built “jaggeryjs” (http://jaggeryjs.org)

    ❏ A complete javascript app development platform ❏ Talks with JSON end-to-end ❏ Renders frontend executes the backend ❏ Inspired by the complexity of “nodejs” :)
  11. Contributing to Each Silos (Cont..) ❏ “Store anything” storage server

    (http://wso2. com/products/storage-server/) ❏ Store documents, Objects (JSON or not) ❏ As a service
  12. Contributing to Each Silos (Cont..) ❏ Scalable deployment platform ❏

    Apache stratos (http://stratos.incubator.apache.org/)
  13. Contributing to Each Silos (Cont..) ❏ For complete API management

    (http://wso2. com/products/api-manager/) ❏ Publishing APIs ❏ Manage API lifecycle ❏ API consumption analytics
  14. Contributing to Each Silos (Cont..) ❏ Big data analytics

  15. Contributing to Each Silos (Cont..) ❏ A store of anything

  16. Questions ? // So things are changing pretty fast :)

    keeping upto-date is the key // You cannot be standing still when the world around you is moving