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Interactive mapping: Moving maps forward for backwards people

Interactive mapping: Moving maps forward for backwards people

Iain Crawford, US Department of State

A challenge facing many cartographers in organizations, private or public, is the structural inertia surrounding "how things are done." The last decade has seen an incredible explosion in both the power and general use of interactive cartographic products. Unfortunately this growth has not always translated into new ways that customers at the top of the chain consume cartographic products - many of these "senior" clients still think of maps as static products designed to be printed out or inserted in a slide deck. This presentation will highlight some of the methods that the State Department Office of the Geographer has implemented to help nudge the technologically adverse into the world of interactivity.


Nathaniel V. KELSO

October 09, 2014


  1. Moving Maps Forward for Backwards People Iain Crawford Office of

    the Geographer & Global Issues U.S. Department of State
  2. Outline

  3. • Types of interactivity • Resources available • Easing them into it • Wrap

  4. Types of Interactivity

  5. • Panning & zooming • Clicking features • Selecting layers • Measuring area and/or

    distance • Drawing features
  6. Resources Available

  7. • Software available §  Design packages §  Mapping software • Tablets? Smart

    phones? • Institutional restrictions • Internet connection
  8. Easing them into it

  9. Static Products Served Digitally

  10. Hyperlinked PDFs & Hidden Features

  11. Layered PDFs

  12. Layered PDFs

  13. Limited Functionality Apps

  14. Be Patient Be Content Be Understanding

  15. Wrap Up

  16. Questions