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Slicing up a monolithic application Why and how?

Slicing up a monolithic application Why and how?

Talk given with Benjamin Fraud (@bench1ps) at Paris Web 2015

Olivier Dolbeau

October 02, 2015

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  1. 29 582 Commits There are “only” 15 506 commits for

    symfony/symfony There are “only” 10 228 commits for joyent/node There are “only” 9 266 commits for twbs/bootstrap There are 44 809 commits for rails/rails (but it’s ruby… #troll)
  2. ➚ Processes - “Let’s sync!” - “No way man” -

    A developer and an ops, on a friday evening
  3. ➘ Time consuming “The script has been frozen for 30

    minutes, should I worry?” - A worried developer
  4. ➘ Lack of expertise “I’ve only been there for 3

    years for God’s sake!” - A senior developer
  5. There are only two hard things in Computer Science: cache

    invalidation and naming things. Phil Carlton
  6. - How to make it easier for everyone to work

    together? - How to avoid conflicts? - How to foster expertise?
  7. - Micro-startups - Independant teams - Focus on a specific

    domain - Multi-skills - Limited lifespan Team work
  8. - Easy to understand - Fast to test, fast to

    deploy - Framework - Open-source - No more conflicts
  9. • Micro services are not a silver bullet! • Migrate

    from monolithic to micro services is a pain. • It is worth it if you need it! Benjamin Fraud @bench1ps Olivier Dolbeau @odolbeau