The TANDBERG Way of Engineering

5fe162a4eca2d85e10faeb5bd33a7f7b?s=47 Olve Maudal
September 04, 2019

The TANDBERG Way of Engineering

Tandberg Telecom, also known as just TANDBERG - the videoconferencing company - was a very successful organization started from scratch around 1990 and then, during the next two decades, effectively competing and systematically outperforming all other market players in the videoconferencing industry. By 2010, TANDBERG was a billion dollar business with a 50% marketshare and 1700 employees worldwide. In April 2010, TANDBERG was aquired by the american tech behemoth Cisco Systems for 19 billion norwegian kroners (3.3 billion USD).

TANDBERG (1990-2010) was a legendary success that deserves to be praised and studied. TANDBERG was characterized by a unique organization culture, a fantastic sales force, very competent and charismatic leadership, but perhaps first of all, it had an engineering team that was able to churn out spectacular and successful products.

by Olve Maudal, a 60 minute talk at NDC TechTown, Kongsberg, September 4, 2019


Olve Maudal

September 04, 2019