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ONTOCHAIN - Open Call 2 Webinar

ONTOCHAIN - Open Call 2 Webinar

Slides of the ONTOCHAIN - Open Call 2 Webinar:

👉 What are the Open Call topics/challenges
👉 What are the eligibility criteria
👉 How to apply


July 28, 2021

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    Location Date ONTOCHAIN OPEN CALL 2 Protocol suite and software ecosystem foundations ONTOCHAIN Consortium 28/07/2021 First webinar


    Open Call 2 and its 6 topics o Decentralized oracles for ONTOCHAIN o Market mechanisms for ONTOCHAIN o ONTOCHAIN interoperability & API Gateways o ONTOCHAIN Network Design and scalability o Semantic based marketplaces for ONTOCHAIN o Data Provenance in ONTOCHAIN  How to apply? o Eligibility criteria & selection process o Application process o Why to apply?  How it’s like to be part of it?  Q&A 3

  5. | ONTOCHAIN.NGI.EU 5 IN BRIEF Up to 4.2 Millions €

    funding and mentoring program with best international experts in Semantic Web, Linked Data, ontology engineering, Blockchain interoperability, knowledge management, distributed and decentralised computing, business models for trusted knowledge … ONTOCHAIN was launched in September 2020 to empower innovators and end users through 3 Open Calls to develop blockchain-based knowledge management solutions that will be part of a novel software ecosystem for a better share of knowledge and value. ONTOCHAIN - Trust traceable and transparent ontological knowledge on blockchain, is a European project funded by the European Commission under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme, and part of the European Commission’s Next Generation Internet (NGI) initiative. 5
  6. 6 OBJECTIVE The internet of the future should be more

    resilient, trustworthy and sustainable. More than ever, our digital life is an extension of our physical world. It is now possible for citizen from all over the world to participate in the generation and use of knowledge like never before. However, from the current standpoint and when it comes to exchange of knowledge, Internet can’t assure that bias or systematic abuse of global trust are avoided. The way knowledge is generated, curated and stored raises effectively some concerns. Citizens everywhere are at risk of being presented partial or biased information reflecting the viewpoint of their provider. It is thus time from now on, to handle our digital life with the same critical, moral and ethical thinking that we use in our physical world. The ONTOCHAIN project aims to develop a new software technologies stack at the meeting point between the Semantic Web and Blockchain to enable trustworthy data and services exchange as well as trustworthy content handling for different domains e- Education, e-Health, e-Government, e- Commerce, e-Tourism, e-Infrastructures, Industry 4.0 entertainment, and so forth. 6

    with up to Up to 4,2 M € funding – Codesign & Win-Win Exploitation OC1 Research - 1.14M€ OC2 Protocol suite and software ecosystem foundations - 1,32M€ OC3 Application and experimentation - 1,75M€ Specifying the ONTOCHAIN framework as human centric decentralised & trustworthy solution based on available technologies. A first batch of specifications have been delivered by 17 Teams in phase one of the call and 7 remaining Teams will delivered the full ONTOCHAIN framework in September 2021. Building the ONTOCHAIN software ecosystem, for the creation of a trustworthy information/service exchange process & a more trustworthy content handling. This call aims to deliver the ONTOCHAIN Framework prototypes. Progress Now 2022 Exploit the ONTOCHAIN solution for real life use cases. 7
  8. | ONTOCHAIN.NGI.EU Imagine and engineer the Next Generation Internet. A

    Resilient Internet With protection of privacy, user empowerment, inclusiveness openness A Trustworthy Internet With trustworthy Content, Information exchange, Identities A Sustainable Internet With Interoperable services, Data traceability Develop block(s) of a software ecosystem that will serve the trusted knowledge and information needs of HUMANITY! Contribute to : YOUR MISSION
  9. | ONTOCHAIN.NGI.EU 9 THE OPEN CALL 2 Protocol suite and

    software ecosystem foundations  15th of July  15th of September 145 000€ (Maximum funding per Applicant)  Long projects (10 months)  Small projects (5 months) 6 topics + Open -Decentralized oracles for ONTOCHAIN -Market mechanisms for ONTOCHAIN -ONTOCHAIN interoperability & API Gateways -ONTOCHAIN Network Design and scalability -Semantic based marketplaces for ONTOCHAIN -Data Provenance in ONTOCHAIN 9
  10. | ONTOCHAIN.NGI.EU 10 The Open Call 2 and its 6

    topics 10


    prototypes as human centric decentralized and trustworthy solution  Specific software solutions that can be used widely  Trustworthy information/service exchange process  More trustworthy content handling  Extending the use case and the architecture plan of ONTOCHAIN open call 1  Trusted, traceable and transparent ontological knowledge management 12
  13. | ONTOCHAIN.NGI.EU  Trustworthy metadata in the context of trading

    any kind of real or digital  Trust of the provided information  Identities and verifiable credentials  Verifiability (Verify/certify the properties of the entities)  Reputation  Consensus mechanisms  Ownership, versioning, manipulation, trading, part-tracking  Semantic blockchain-based information. THE TRUSTWORTHY SEMANTIC MARKETPLACE 13
  14. | ONTOCHAIN.NGI.EU Motivation: Design, implement and showcase trustful and trustless

    oracle prototypes that can interact with the ONTOCHAIN infrastructure and providing necessary data for the operation of its applications Requirements:  Definition of APIs for common (generic) use cases  Integrate with at least Ethereum smart contracts and the EVM, although support for additional chains is encouraged  Support for semantic data (e.g., properties such as a vehicle color) and semantic queries (e.g., via SPARQL)  Support a variety of data sources, data formats and off-chain storage mediums/services  Integration of identity verification or decentralized identity management  New trust-building mechanisms to assure authentic and trustworthy data feed for smart contracts. 1. DECENTRALIZED ORACLES 14
  15. | ONTOCHAIN.NGI.EU Motivations: Design, implement and showcase prototype services in

    the scope of advanced decentralized market and business-enabling mechanisms that offer win-win situations for all involved stakeholders, and are in line with the overall ONTOCHAIN objectives for trustworthy services/products exchange and trustworthy content handling. Requirements:  Support for token minting, distribution (for ecosystem economic sustainability) and exchange  Support for developing unbiased trustworthy marketplaces of digitized (physical or virtual) assets  Support for unbiased decentralized price determination mechanisms  Support for service/product exchange  Support for building efficient DeFi applications  Design economic model prototype for all stakeholders 2. MARKET MECHANISMS FOR ONTOCHAIN 15
  16. | ONTOCHAIN.NGI.EU Motivations: Bi-directional operations (e.g., transfer of information and

    assets) between the ONTOCHAIN network and a selection of the most widely used networks, as well as communications between different chains within the ONTOCHAIN network. Requirements:  The topic is open to any existing blockchain solution but at least Ethereum, Tezos and Hyperledger Fabric must be supported.  Support for (at least) ERC-20, ERC-721, ERC-777 and ERC-1155.  Solutions must rely as much as possible on industry-wide standards and support existing chains with no modifications of their protocols, clients, virtual machines or programming framework.  The trust, validity and critical metadata attached to data/transactions must be preserved during a transfer within ONTOCHAIN and with external blockchains.  Provide efficient methods for reducing computational complexity and transaction sizes between ONTOCHAIN and other blockchain ecosystems. 3. ONTOCHAIN INTEROPERABILITY & API GATEWAYS 16
  17. | ONTOCHAIN.NGI.EU Motivations : Build an ONTOCHAIN client based on

    Ethereum that is a stable and well tested system for data transactions and has a cost-effective network for the operation of its applications. Requirements :  Design suitable schemes to increase the throughput in order to sustain a huge volume of real-world transactions for the ONTOCHAIN platform  Design more efficient data transmission mechanisms for the ONTOCHAIN services and applications  Finding new approaches on how to store data effectively in the ONTOCHAIN platform with limited resources.  Design new prototypes on how different chains can be linked to each other on a hierarchical/scalable basis. 4. ONTOCHAIN NETWORK DESIGN AND SCALABILITY 17
  18. | ONTOCHAIN.NGI.EU Motivations : Design and implement prototypes that will

    provide ontologies management and setup for decentralized semantic matching of demand and supply for different use case scenarios (e.g., apartments, land, cars, etc). Requirements :  Support different ambitious use-case scenarios (e.g., apartment rental, car sale, freelancing)  Rely on existing ONTOCHAIN components to provide new services like ontology description, evaluation, integration, etc.  Provide fairness-first solutions, i.e. a marketplace prototype that gives equal power to sellers, buyers and to the marketplace operator  Best tradeoff for decentralized ontology matching for achieving higher throughput  Incorporation of Property Graphs 5. SEMANTIC BASED MARKETPLACE FOR ONTOCHAIN 18
  19. | ONTOCHAIN.NGI.EU Motivations : Data provenance metadata helps to provide

    a detailed picture of how the data was created/collected, where it was stored and how it was used/modified/transformed. Requirements :  Support automated checking of data-related transactions against GDPR  Define/adopt ontology for ROPAs  Record business processes, especially for supply chain management  Automated verification of rule compliance in business processes  Rely on existing ONTOCHAIN components for data semantics on business processes 6. DATA PROVENANCE IN ONTOCHAIN 19
  20. | ONTOCHAIN.NGI.EU 20 How to apply? 20

  21. 21 ELLIGIBILITY CRITERIA & SELECTION PROCESS Selection process -All Internet

    researchers, innovators and developers -High tech companies, academia and team of natural persons -Legally established in an EU Member State, H2020 associated countries or Overseas Countries and Territories linked to the Member States. - Maximum funding one beneficiary can receive from the whole ONTOCHAIN project is limited to €200,000. Projects developing scalable blockchain, decentralized reputation systems and semantic web technologies to achieve trustworthy content handling and information exchange as well as trustworthy service exchange in the next generation Internet with as a basis one of the 6 ONTOCHAIN OC2 Topics or on an open topic relevant to the implementation of the ONTOCHAIN ecosystem What? Who? 12 projects: 6 Long projects, 6 Small projects, reserved list projects All proposals should be submitted for Large Projects with respective objectives and work plan. However, all proposals should also clearly list the functionality that is going to be provided by each one of them, if they get selected as short projects. 3 phases: eligibility check, proposal evaluation and online interview

    a look to the sub-agreement template at the time you are building your proposal (guide for applicant) 22
  23. APPLICATION PROCESS Read the ONTOCHAIN Open call 2 document &

    Guide for Applicant Use the official ONTOCHAIN template for your proposal Check the eligibility criteria Take a look at the FAQs on our website Read the ONTOCHAIN background document Tips & Tricks for a good proposal -Provide a comprehensive research proposal according to the ONTOCHAIN template and instructions set in the Guide for Applicant. - Fill in the administrative part including any obligatory supporting documents specified in the Guide for Applicant. Application - Entry point for all proposals : https://www.f6s.com/ontochain-open-call-2/apply Submissions received by any other channels will be automatically discarded 23
  24. WHY TO APPLY? ONTOCHAIN will offer you equity free funding,

    coaching on technical and business aspects, access to top infrastructure as well as visibility and promotion through innovators, industry and investors. 24
  25. How it’s like to be part of it? “ Marcel

    Müller JadenX GmbH “
  26. | ONTOCHAIN.NGI.EU 26 Our steps after ONTOCHAIN • Still being

    active in the ONTOCHAIN ecosystem • Further develop our MVP to a commercial product • Get Venture Capital What we do ? KnowledgeX is a decentralized platform that connects freelance data scientists and data owners in a trusted way using blockchain and trusted execution environments What have we got in the ONTOCHAIN ecosystem ? • Great community of researchers & innovators. We are a deep tech solution with a large R&D portion. ONTOCHAIN is a great environment to connect with specialists and help us to create something disruptive • Funding (direct from EU + Benefits from AWS through F6S) - > 6 people working towards an MVP 26
  27. STAY UPDATED AND GET INVOLVED! /company/ontochain ontochain.ngi.eu @ONTOCHAIN @ONTOCHAIN f6s.com/ontochainproject

    /channel/UCcF7Ovd99lOKcjMGQdnhIvA Thank you!