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Learning: A developer's perspective

Learning: A developer's perspective

This talk is focused on how to gain experience through deliberate practice and also shares the idea of the Dreyfus model for skill acquisition as a scale for measuring the journey from novice to expertise.

opara prosper

March 07, 2020

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  1. LEARNING A D e v e l o p e

    r ’ s P e r s p e c t i v e
  2. Prosper Opara ✓ Fullstack software developer looking for my next

    gig ✓ Technical writer ✓ Developer community volunteer #DevCOwerri #ALCImo #GitHubEducation Twitter: @kodekage | Email: [email protected]
  3. Experience is measured by HOW MUCH TIME you’ve ACTIVELY spent

    practicing a PARTICULAR skill 10,000 hours rule
  4. When you are not very skilled in some area, you

    are more likely to think you’re actually pretty expert at it. Unskilled and Unaware of It This lack of accurate self-assessment is referred to as; SECOND-ORDER INCOMPETENCE
  5. Dreyfus Model Stages Novice Advanced Beginner Competent Proficient Expert ✓

    Need recipe’s ✓ No experience ✓ Need very little recipe’s ✓ Have some experience ✓ Can self correct ✓ Work with maxims instead of recipe’s ✓ Work from intuition ✓ Have LOT’s of experience ✓ Sage mode
  6. You don’t just “know more” or gain skill. Instead, you

    experience fundamental differences in how you perceive the world, how you approach problem solving, and the mental models you form and use. How you go about acquiring new skills changes Experience Change || Growth
  7. Achieving Unbroken Concentration Have a time each day dedicated for

    Deliberately practicing Beware of Network tools; use them but avoid them when practicing Avoid distraction of all kinds; Friends & family, eating etc.
  8. Recommended resource for further digging ✓ Pragmatic thinking and learning

    by Andy Hunt ✓ Deep work by Cal Newport ✓ So Good they can’t ignore you by Cal Newport