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Sponsoring SubjectiveDance BattleGrounds

January 12, 2020

Sponsoring SubjectiveDance BattleGrounds

A presentation describing sponsorship opportunities for SDBG hosted by Subjective Dance Club Virginia. Contact [email protected] to help.

Visit www.subjectivedance.com for more info about the company.


January 12, 2020

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  1. Contoso S u i t e s Who are we?

    The Subjective Dance Company, also known as, the Subjective Dance Club is a club for individual dancers, as well as, other dance teams, dance crews, and dance companies. We’re building a network to provide more opportunities and training to dancers. We aim to bridge the gap between street and theater dance. Our first and currently only active branch, Subjective Dance Club Virginia (SDCVA), focuses on uniting and raising awareness of the dance community of the Greater Richmond Region of Virginia and the surrounding areas. We launched on February 25, 2016 and continue to successfully create life altering experiences and opportunities for dancers of various ages through events, training, traveling, and bookings. Now approaching year 4, we have successfully launched multiple reoccurring local events, as well as given dancers opportunities to be featured in music videos, participate in live festival performances, be featured on live television, compete and win in competitions, dance in some of the most established dance studios of the Greater Richmond Region, dance in nationally recognized arenas, meet international celebrities, train with industry level choreographers, train for shows like America’s Got Talent and Kid’s Got Talent, and more. Our efforts have led to members being booked for contracts servicing GEICO, Richmond Parks and Recreation, multiple dance studios, Richmond Public Library, ESPN, VSU, VCU, and more. Ultimately, we’ve developed the ability to provide opportunities for street dancers and/or dancers who are self-trained to get paid for doing what they love and/or experience adventures they normally wouldn’t receive in Richmond, Virginia. With this ability, we give hope, inspiration, and valuable life lessons to men and women of various ages. We are different from the average dance company because SDCVA does not only draw attention to events, classes, and shows of our own. We also direct traffic and focus to other organizations, teams, individuals, and companies willing to network and currently teaching or providing platforms to the next generation of dancers. Community outreach is our priority and we are currently working on receiving 501(c)(3) non-profit status for SDCVA. 1
  2. Contoso S u i t e s @SubjectiveDance Battlegrounds (SDBG)

    is a multi-part dance competition series set to shine light on the street dancers and battle dancers of the local community. Introduced in July of 2016, each event is different in layout and hopes to bring the surrounding dance community together for a fun and exciting dance event, as well as, serve as a fundraising opportunity for all parties involved. What is SDBG? SDBG is an acronym for @SubjectiveDance BattleGrounds 2
  3. Community Effects The return of @SubjectiveDance BattleGrounds to the Commonwealth

    of Virginia is needed and will serve as on-going inspiration for dance enthusiasts of the local community for years to come. We recognize that the talent performers possess in Virginia needs to be seen, embraced, and celebrated here at home before the rest of the world accepts it.. Dancers from Virginia regularly spend a countless amount of time, energy, and money traveling to other states to compete and win dance competitions. Our goal is to give these same dancers a platform in Richmond, Virginia that assists them in becoming local celebrities and/or role models and puts money in their pockets. The youth in the Greater Richmond Region of Virginia need positive and exciting activities in their neighborhoods, local peers they can look up to, and inspiring things to look forward to, especially during these times of quarantining and racial/political tensions. SDBG provides all of these things. Serious participants spend time training, practicing, and even meditating instead of being in the streets, getting into or causing trouble. Less serious participants learn life changing lessons with preparation and time management, and are placed in networking situations that spark positive outcomes for the community. Spectators get inspired to find their own talents or purpose, perfect it, and then present it to the world. Spectators also physically have 0% chance of causing or getting into trouble in the streets when they are busy enjoying themselves at the next @SubjectiveDance BattleGround event. Previous SDBG events have seen participants ages 14 thru 40 and draws spectators from toddlers to grandparents. BY SPONSORING, YOU BECOME A KEY REASON WHY ALL OF THIS IS POSSIBLE! SDBG Sponsors
  4. Contoso S u i t e s Sponsorship Options SPONSOR

    BENEFITS INCLUDE: • License to use SDBG logos and images for promotions or other leverage activities • Product endorsement • Name announcements before, during, and after event • Your logo on promotional items • Your logo on subjectivedance.net • Promo blast to our social media pages introducing you • Option of personal vending table at event • Negotiations of additional benefits • Public image of a company or individual who cares about the growth of the local performing arts community and provides creative and safe outlets to at risk youth. Sponsor Package A - $3,000 CHOOSING A SPONSORSHIP PACKAGE… Requires agreement of additional goods or services for day of or leading up to event, if applicable. Requires agreement of repayment or non-repayment of investment. Let’s talk. 4 Presenting Sponsor | Silent Partner | Venue Sponsor | Sponsor Package B - $1,000 Prize Sponsor | Event Sponsor | Venue Sponsor | Sponsor Package C - $500 Prize Sponsor | Food Sponsor | Beverage Sponsor | Sponsor Package D - $100 Apparel Sponsor | Beverage Sponsor | Limited sponsor benefits | Sponsor Package E – In-Kind Only Media Sponsor | Promotional Partnership | Event Volunteers | Sponsor Package F - $25 Ticket Sponsor | Does not include sponsor benefits |
  5. Contoso S u i t e s Next SDBG SubjectiveDance

    BattleGrounds for April 11th and June 20th have been postponed due to COVID-19 safety precautions but we maintained our September 19th event date, as it was National Dance Day in the USA. Next up is SDBG Halloween on Saturdary, October 31, 2020. If weather permits, ideal settings are 17th Street Market, Dogwood Dell Amphitheater, Marcus David Peters Circle, or another Richmond based outdoor area that allows social distancing, fresh air, and a family friendly vibe. All booking reservations of dancers, judges, DJ, Host, etc. are on hold until an official venue is approved. 5 October 31, 2020 is expected to have a high of 48 degrees and possibly be too cold for an outdoor dance event. If we move indoors and have a venue of limited space, we propose that we stream the entire event live online and sell $5 viewstub tickets. The final event format, set layout, and choice of supporting sponsors are TBD after approval of location. Online streaming is planned to be run through viewstub.com
  6. Contoso S u i t e s 6 We officially

    have 6 SubjectiveDance BattleGrounds events in the record books. Including our 2019 72Smoke Holiday Dinner at Robinson Theatre in Richmond, Va. It was catered by Deep Run Roadhouse and featured viral guest judges E Solo and Ani973. Winner “King VersaStylez” walked away with Red Bull product, $200 cash, $100 Brand New Waves Bucks, title of current SDCVA Solo Freestyle Champion, and will be awarded a medal/trophy/belt at the next SDBG.
  7. Contoso S u i t e s 7 SDBG RULES

    SDBG Halloween One vs. One 3 Rounds up to 60-seconds 5 Rounds in Title Match No penalty for throwing a short round Dancers bring 1 song each. DJ plays 3rd song. Dancers can submit songs to DJ music playlist.
  8. Contoso S u i t e s 8 I look

    forward to hearing from you. • Coach Gregg (@PapiiBDS) • (804) 442-8531 • [email protected] • www.subjectivedance.net THANK YOU. There’s more to come…