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Design and Research at the scale of Wikipedia

2b33f316bf257d596758eecfdea2a678?s=47 Pau Giner
February 10, 2015

Design and Research at the scale of Wikipedia

Slides used during the workshop we organised for IxDA's Interaction 15 conference. More details at


Pau Giner

February 10, 2015


  1. Design and Research at the Scale of Wikipedia @pauginer @moizsyed

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  3. What we’ll be doing today? 1. Challenges of designing for

    Wikipedia 2. Ideas to shape the future of Wikipedia 3. Evaluate how to overcome the challenges 4. General discussion
  4. Inspire to explore and contribute knowledge: for everyone, with joy,

    in that order.
  5. Designing for Wikipedia is amazing.

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  9. ...but there are some interesting challenges.

  10. Inspire to explore and contribute knowledge: for everyone, with joy,

    in that order.
  11. Igloos are great, but don't work everywhere

  12. Supporting 300+ languages has many design implications

  13. Writing direction affects more than just text

  14. Accessibility “for everyone” means excluding no one

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  16. Social interactions Content vs. People Facts vs. Opinions

  17. Less than 1% of users contribute/curate content Be careful when

    creating work queues
  18. Editors have built complex processes on top of the existing

    technology Any change means an extra effort for them.

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  21. Consider Readers com/photos/vater_fotografo/8859074000/

  22. New users with unfamiliar tools and contexts

  23. Reaching out Going out

  24. Let’s explore new ideas!

  25. Consume knowledge

  26. Contribute knowledge

  27. New kinds of content

  28. 6-8-5 Get 6-8 design concepts in 5 minutes

  29. More is better Quantity first, quality later. Get as many

    concepts as possible In case of doubt, explore all directions
  30. Timeboxed 5 minutes Focus on the core concept Don't get

    lost in the details
  31. New ways to consume New ways to contribute New kinds

    of content
  32. Talk about the 1 most promising concept Put them on

    the wall Cluster related ideas Gather
  33. Identify challenges these concepts might have. • language i18n support

    • accessibility • social implications • community driven assumptions Identify
  34. General discussion and how to collaborate in the open with

  35. Thank You @pauginer @moizsyed @aripstra