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Improving the user experience of language tools

2b33f316bf257d596758eecfdea2a678?s=47 Pau Giner
August 10, 2013

Improving the user experience of language tools

"Improving the user experience of Language Tools" talk at Wikimania 2013 in Hong Kong.


Pau Giner

August 10, 2013


  1. Improving the user experience of language tools Pau Giner Interaction

    Designer @pauginer
  2. Language is our vehicle to communicate knowledge Read Write Understand

  3. Some languages are supported better than others

  4. We provide tools for users to Read Write Understand Display

    content regardless of font availability Make information available in multiple languages by translating it Write in scripts regardless of the keyboard support
  5. The problem There are lots of languages with different needs,

    and we cannot speak them all.
  6. United Nations website 6 Official languages

  7. YouTube 61 languages

  8. Wikipedia article on Barack Obama 203 languages

  9. The process Our design process puts users and their languages

    at the center of each step
  10. Our design process considers language diversity at each stage Analysis

    Explore design ideas Prototype Usability testing
  11. Embrace diversity when defining personas and scenarios Analysis

  12. Analysis

  13. Consider internationalisation issues early in the designs Explore design ideas

    Line-height, font weight, word length and font availability vary for different language/scripts. Edit തിരു ുക Send Record
  14. Prototyping for multiple languages For click-through prototypes, SVG images are

    used as templates: msg4-trans=не содержит ни одной буквы Prototype
  15. Prototyping for multiple languages Prototype For HTML prototypes we use

  16. Usability testing 32 Users 30 Languages 17 Locations Chinese, French,

    Swahili, Kikuyu, Kalenjin, Macedonian, Russian, Serbo- Croatian, Japanese, German, Dutch, Luxembourgish, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Catalan, Tetum, Western frisian, Latin, Breton, Hebrew, Nepali, Malayalam, Gujarati, Marathi, Tamil, Hindi, Telugu, Esperanto, and English Hong Kong, Japan, India, Nepal, Kenya, USA, UK, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Italy, Germany, Russia, Spain, Israel, and New Zealand 3-5 tests per round
  17. The tools The Universal Language Selector Translate extension Content translation

  18. The Universal Language Selector

  19. None
  20. None
  21. None
  22. None
  23. Anticipate the user needs

  24. Be flexible Autocompletion Cross-language Typos allowed Language codes

  25. Provide tools at hand • Next to where I need

    it • Quick switching
  26. Allow recovery • Preview • Undo • Use in a

    foreign language
  27. Translate extension

  28. Translate extension

  29. Translate Extension UI 2006 -2012

  30. Translate Extension UI 2012 - today

  31. Editor concept

  32. Other improvements

  33. Page view

  34. Content translation

  35. None
  36. None
  37. Content translation http://pauginer.github.io/prototype-uls/#mies

  38. We need your help Help us to improve the language

  39. Thanks Participate in the testing sessions: http://ho.io/content-translation Provide feedback: http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Content_Translation

    Join the design mailing list: https://lists.wikimedia.org/mailman/listinfo/design