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Ideas for Wikimedia Mobile Experiments

2b33f316bf257d596758eecfdea2a678?s=47 Pau Giner
December 09, 2014

Ideas for Wikimedia Mobile Experiments

Some design ideas for student projects willing to use Wikimedia content such as Wikipedia or Commons in innovative ways.


Pau Giner

December 09, 2014


  1. Ideas for Wikimedia Mobile Experiments

  2. Small mobile apps • Based on Wikimedia content and APIs

    • Use content in new ways • Follow design and development practises • Licensed as Open source
  3. Project ideas What if…

  4. Trends Discover interesting topics on Wikipedia that you don’t even

    know they existed?
  5. Trends We can surface articles that people are reading or

    editing near you. We can highlight the updates on the articles you read.
  6. Trends Related projects Listen to Wikipedia Weeklypedia Current events Wikipedia

  7. Answers You could just ask what you cannot find on

  8. Answers Other users can suggest (and vote) answers from Wikipedia

    or other sources.
  9. Answers Correct answers get points. Users are encouraged to add

    missing information into Wikipedia for additional points.
  10. Answers Related projects Popular Q&A sites such as Quora or

    StackOverflow. #lazyweb (questions on twitter, facebook..)
  11. Board Create boards with different content from Wikimedia projects (Wikipedia

    articles, images, quotes, books...)
  12. Board Get updates of new content (e.g., new images on

    the subject) and other updates (e. g., changes in the article).
  13. Board Related projects Ducksboard WikiTrack Sumly

  14. Slides Select media from Wikimedia Commons...

  15. Slides create simple presentations you can share.

  16. Slides Related projects Slides Powerpoint, Keynote...

  17. Gymkhana Check-in in nearby places and find images about them

    you can locate...
  18. Gymkhana ...or add new pictures if they are missing.

  19. Gymkhana Related projects Foursquare WikiLoves Monuments

  20. and many more • Wikidata games are examples of small

    contributions that can be fun on mobile. • Discover and classify images and filter inappropriate ones • Learn languages with multi-language info. • Listen to wikipedia articles or follow Wikibook recipes. • …