Your parking site's data, integrated everywhere

Your parking site's data, integrated everywhere

You parking site's data can be reused in various ways: within simple apps, as well as in more seamless integration or as a smart city sensor. However, still many interoperability are currently holding back the wide adoption of your dataset that you'd like everyone to use.

We propose 2 things:
1. We want your parking site to have a persistent identifier across all datasets worldwide.
2. We introduce as a vocabulary to describe your parking lot in various systems

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Pieter Colpaert

December 06, 2016


  1. Your parking site data integrated everywhere Pieter Colpaert Ghent University

    - imec
  2. A service between 2 systems? Your system Third party system

    Agree on a protocol Will determine which questions can be answered Can ask fixed set of questions to your system
  3. More and more agents use your data

  4. Seamless integrations have high impact All parking spaces occupied Parking

    space available
  5. Search engine optimization

  6. Parking site data as a city sensor ↓ How busy

    is a certain city square?↓
  7. A service between 2 systems? Your system Third party system

    You cannot have a meeting/contract with all these parties and/or answer all their users’ questions
  8. Sharing data on the Web Your data ? ? ?

    ? ? ? = preparing your data for maximum reuse
  9. The biggest effort for integrators is in cleaning data, and

    linking identifiers together Is Parking 1 the same thing as Parking Site P1 in another dataset?
  10. Let’s use Web Addresses as generic identifiers across all interfaces

    Coming soon in city of Ghent: this identifier will identify Parking Vrijdagmarkt everywhere
  11. Web Addresses in use in an HTML page

  12. Web Addresses in use in an HTML page We also

    gave the terms in Datex2 a Web address So, if you now go to, you will see the definition of a Parking Site
  13. More parking data on a JSON resource

  14. More parking data on an XML resource

  15. Repeat this presentation for traffic events, describing roads, speed limits,

    car chargers...
  16. Discover more at Pieter Colpaert Ghent University - imec