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Build happy teams

Build happy teams

At yamaneco, we pursue our mission to spread the fun and help build happy team!

In this presentation, I am sharing my experience building and running a company in Japan, reflect on what I learned from this experience, the challenges that I have faced,
and the changes this experience had on my life.

- Introduction of yamaneco, what we do, how we help build happy teams
- How I ended up creating this company
- A few words about Agile
- Experiences and learnings I have received during this journey


Jean-Baptiste Vasseur

June 18, 2020


  1. 2020/06/18 Make happy teams!

  2. Jean-Baptiste Vasseur - “JB” ジャンバティスト ヴァッサー Agile Coach / CEO Coaching

    / Training Agile DevOps Software UX Design
  3. • About yamaneco • How did it start? • Agile?

    • Learnings (and love!) during the journey • Q&A Agenda
  4. • Founded in 2017. • Based in Tokyo. • Provides

    coaching, training, workshops, software design/development. • Specialized in Agile, UX, DevOps. • “We help build happy teams”.
  5. How did it start?

  6. Teenage

  7. Corporate

  8. Agile

  9. Why I started yamaneco? slide with multiple pieces here Crazy

  10. Happy team

  11. Agile?

  12. None
  13. None
  14. Management 3.0 - https://management30.com/ Organization and process define people behaviors

    and company culture. People and culture define the organization and the processes.
  15. Fun! Done! Learn! Retrospective

  16. Learnings (and love!) during the journey

  17. There is no magic idea find the people first, they

    will guide you The magic idea is around you
  18. Be kind with yourself, Love yourself!

  19. Core values matter, a lot.

  20. Pursue the Fun 遊び心を追求 Share your Learn 学びと拡散 Celebrate Differences

    多様性を誇る Team Driven チームファースト
  21. Make it everyone's company Make it everyone's company

  22. Make it everyone's company

  23. Make it everyone's company Make it everyone's company

  24. Pursue the fun! Everyday!

  25. Thank you!