Establishing the product marketing function: how to help younger organizations realize the value of product marketing

Establishing the product marketing function: how to help younger organizations realize the value of product marketing


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  4. Establishing the Product Marketing Function Share best practices on how

    to help younger organizations realize the value of product marketing.
  5. Is product marketing dead?

  6. NO

  7. What do we do? • INFORM ROADMAP: What do we

    build? • DRIVE THE GTM: How do we bring it to market? • SCALE & ADOPTION: How do we get customers to use it?
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  9. INFORM ROADMAP: PMM contributes insights that define the problem space

    DRIVE THE GTM: PMM leads GTM strategy SCALE & ADOPTION: PMM contributes to campaigns that drive adoption INFORM ROADMAP: PMM contributes to new innovation to extend the product life
  10. My Journey Part 1: Education

  11. Welcome to Microsoft - first order of business - lets

    bring Windows Vista into the world - its going to be awesome!
  12. Cool! What’s better about it? Its like WOW!

  13. None
  14. I will leave the evil empire Welcome to Google! Just

    see what sticks!
  15. This is fast, fun and interesting!

  16. My Journey Part 2: Start up land

  17. Great! So if you come to Pinterest you can do

    whatever you want!
  18. Can I join the table? Im the new PMM BRAND

  19. WTH is Growth?? Hi! Nice to meet you Wtf is

    a PMM? BRAND PRODUCT GROWTH Ally or foe?
  20. I drive customer insights, launch new features, and grow our

    user base! So...What do you do?
  21. Oh - thats what I do too...

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  23. alignment

  24. Lesson 1: Know your unique powers and others’

  25. What are our unique superpowers? I bring in valuable customer

    insights so we know what to build! I crush launches in a good way! I connect the right users to our message so they use it! The Customer Clairvoyant The Matchmaker Value props are my jam The GTM Connector The Positioner
  26. So glad you are here. We’re just getting started. Lets

    go! Hi I’m here - Im the new PMM
  27. Hi I’m here - Im the new PMM OK we’re

    pretty successful without PMMs so why do we need you?
  28. Lesson 2: Counter-Balance growth at all costs mentality

  29. Feed me

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  31. Advocate for long term customer relationships and say no to

    growth at all costs
  32. Lesson 3: Own the GTM first, than move up/down stream

  33. Evolution of PMM Product management does marketing Product marketing function

    is created Product marketing does marketing (they launch products) Product marketing is strategic and responsible for revenue
  34. Typical Web 2.0 PMM Org Evolution Product management does everything

    Product management creates product marketing function responsible for messaging and launches True partnership and trust between PM and PMM
  35. Wells thats a wrap Wow I kinda get what you

    do now
  36. How can we do more of that?

  37. Thank you (sob)

  38. Lesson 4: Company alignment on the product journey

  39. Here’s what our role are.

  40. BUILD PM driven PMM strong contributor GTM PMM driven SCALE

    & ADOPTION Assuming product market fit - brand, ops, comms and growth drives campaigns with strong contribution from PMM INNOVATE PM drives PMM contributes Product marketing fit
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  42. alignment

  43. What do you think we should build?

  44. Thank you. (sobs)

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  46. 4 lessons from my journey 1. Know your unique powers

    and others’ 2. Counter-balance growth at all costs mentality 3. Own the GTM first, than go upstream and downstream 4. Company alignment on product journey
  47. PMMs can tie the product together so customers trust the