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How to improve your conversion funnel without changing your product

How to improve your conversion funnel without changing your product


Product Marketing Alliance

September 23, 2020

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  1. How to improve your conversion funnel without changing your product

    (And why every Product Manger should care about Marketing)
  2. 2 Hello! I am Yohanes Frezgi Medium: h+ps://medium.com/@yofrez Twi+er:@yofrez

  3. Why should a PM care about Marke3ng? • Great product

    shouldn’t need help • Product Market Fit • Word of Mouth • Virality 3
  4. Meet Fever • Fever is a mobile-only event discovery platform

    focused on disrupting the offline entertainment market 4
  5. What is going on here ? • Weekend ? •

    Great Venue ? • Great Event ? • PR ? 5
  6. What are analy+cs told us • Age: Between 17-22 •

    Location: West Village • Email domain: .edu 6 NYU Students
  7. But our marke+ng focus didn’t reflect our best users Google

    Keywords • New York Events • Things to do in New York Facebook Ad Campaign • Lives in Manhattan • Age:18-35 7
  8. How we pivoted our marke0ng outreach Sponsored FB Post and

    Self generated content We sponsored posts on popular college FB pages and eventually created our own network of social pages that generated millions of followers over :me. Influencers Identified the most popular students on campuses and got them to share events with their network ….this was 2014 Referral Program Standard user get users program targeted to college students. 8
  9. How did we do this ? 9 Traffic Attribution Analytics

    Aggregator Product Traffic A2ribu5on Analytics Aggregator
  10. Defining your Marke/ng Approach 10 Traffic App Spray and Pray

    Outreach based on CTR rate cost and keywords. Hard to quanitify the impact of performance marketing. Traffic Channel Optimization Marketing is optimized by channel, with lower converting channel being discontinued. Attribution Analytics App Traffic Channel, Content, Product Optimization Optimize Channel, Creative, and Product making a end to end user centric solution. Attribution Analytics App Aggregator Channel Channel Creative Experience
  11. Onboarding 11 Dynamic Onboarding VS. Generic Sign Up

  12. Re-engagement 12 Personalized Web Push Campaign VS. We Miss You

  13. Paid Media 13 Dynamic Content Optimization VS. Generic Banner Ad

  14. Want big impact? Use big image. 14 Why Should Product

    Managers Care About Marketing
  15. Marketing + Product 15 = Better Customer Experiences (And much

    higher conversion rates)
  16. Thanks! Any questions? You can find me at: • @yofrez

    • h5ps://medium.com/@yofrez 16