Multi-Tool Test Automation Platform

Multi-Tool Test Automation Platform

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Presentation Abstract

As of now, there exists no tool, open source or otherwise, to facilitate automation of test cases which run across platforms. For e.g. selenium is great to handle across browser testing; but has no support when a need to do image based testing; web service testing or mobile application testing, arises. Currently there is no framework available where one can make use of more than one automation tool in the same test case.
The objective of the present paper is to present a solution (a test automation framework) with which one can use a fusion of test automation tools, leveraging the capabilities of the individual tool/tools to achieve a state of complete test automation and at the same time reducing the overall test automation effort required. This paper outlines such a solution in depth in the underlying sections. Yet, for an end user there is common language (keyword driven) for automation.

About the Author

Pankaj Goel is CEO and one of the co-founder member of CresTech Software Systems . Powering Technology he has been on the forefront for major clients helping them take major Technology decisions. Leading center of Excellence group, he has successfully driven initiatives to build Open Source Plug-ins for functional and performance tools. He holds Bachelor’s in Electronics and Communication from I.T. B.H.U.

Avinach Tiwari, Delivery Head at CresTech, has more than 10 years of Industry experience. He has been involved in implementation of Testing Center of Excellence across multiple fortune 500 clients. He also leads the Technology group at CresTech and holds responsibility of managing Technology initiatives for the Automation consulting practice. He has been instrumental in creating various Automation Accelerators and proprietary Automation Frameworks like OpKey (Multi tool Test automation Framework), QT-Key (5th Generation automation framework over QTP), BPT-Wrap (Business Process testing wrapper over QTP) and others. He holds a bachelors degree in Electronics and Communications from IT B.H.U.


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