[Midwest UX 2017] Lean Usability Testing for Teams

[Midwest UX 2017] Lean Usability Testing for Teams

Usability testing is a critical step in creating a successful product. However, we may find ourselves hitting roadblocks when trying to do it. “UX doesn’t have enough time to create the design AND test the product,” and “we don’t want to test too early in the process,” are both excuses we’ve used or heard for not doing usability testing. The solution? Lean usability testing.

Lean usability testing introduces lean UX principles — testing early and often, reducing waste and collaboration, to name a few — to the traditional usability testing process. In this session, we’ll explore the value behind going lean and explain what a sample lean usability test looks like. You’ll leave knowing how to facilitate your own usability tests and why it’s important to include your team and stakeholders in the process.


Rachel Krause

October 14, 2017