[That Conference 2017] Think Outside the Jumbotron: Choosing a CSS Framework

[That Conference 2017] Think Outside the Jumbotron: Choosing a CSS Framework

Bootstrap is considered the go-to front-end CSS framework for many companies when developing applications. While CSS frameworks are great for prototyping or internal applications, they may be extending your development time in the long run. They’re also contributing to the cookie-cutter design of every website on the internet. It’s time to change our approach and create a more interesting web while maximizing the value of CSS frameworks.

There are many options out there to make your front-end development easier. In this session, you’ll learn how to decide which CSS framework is right for your application. We’ll compare Bootstrap to other well-known frameworks like Foundation and Skeleton, or even starting from scratch. You’ll see how using a CSS framework as a starting point can help your development process and set your application apart from the sea of jumbotrons and carousels.


Rachel Krause

August 08, 2017