[WebCon 2017] Incorporating Lean UX Practices into the Development Process

[WebCon 2017] Incorporating Lean UX Practices into the Development Process

A good app design is more than just modifying Bootstrap and clever usage of Font Awesome–it starts with a solid understanding of your users. This session will walk through lightweight and collaborative UX techniques that you can use in your development process to better understand your users and their workflows. You'll learn how user experience goes beyond UI design and discuss real world examples of how knowing your users can put your application ahead of the pack. You'll leave this session with techniques that you can apply to your current team without the need for complicated software or a complete shift in your corporate culture.

No UX experience? No problem! You'll be introduced to lean UX practices that you can start using with your teams right away.


Rachel Krause

April 06, 2017